Elevate employee experience

3 ways HR tech can improve the employee experience

When organizations get employee experience right, they can achieve twice the customer satisfaction and innovation, and generate 25% higher profits, than those that don't.

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Remote work life

How to keep your remote and hybrid workers connected

How can HR keep employees connected—to each other, to the big picture, and to the company culture—when everyone’s spread apart? Start with these three tips.

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bob and Slack intergation

Bob’s Slack integration is here to make your (work) life easier

We want to meet employees where they work, so they can enjoy all of the bob features without logging on to a different platform or even a separate tab. Get to know all the great features of our integration with Slack.

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How to use goals to motivate your workforce

The secret to motivating your hybrid workforce? Goals

Staying motivated while WFH can be challenging. Here’s how to create a goal-setting process that will help your people push past productivity dips and reignite their focus and drive.

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Satisfaction vs engagement

How to level up from job satisfaction to employee engagement

Satisfied employees get the job done. Engaged employees demonstrate the high performance and innovation that can only come from enthusiasm for their work. Here's how to take your employees to the next level.

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Start recruiting globally

3 strategies for great global recruiting

When you're ready to start looking for talent beyond your backyard, here are three steps you can take to build international hiring into your recruitment process.

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employee engagement hybrid work

3 strategies for improving engagement in hybrid workplaces

The shift to hybrid work is just beginning. Here's how HR teams can improve employee engagement to ensure that everyone feels motivated and included, whether they’re working from home, the office, or anywhere else.

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Interrupting bias at work

How to reduce unconscious bias when reviewing LGBTQ+ colleagues

As we continue to become better colleagues and better allies to each other, we will be hit with some hard truths along the way. Acknowledging that we’re all prone to implicit bias is the first step. Here’s what to do next.

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Are you an HR superstar

What does it take to be an HR superstar?

HR superstars are constantly fine-tuning their own skill sets and finding innovative ways to take their people and cultures to the next level. Here are three traits all superstars share.

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Cross-functional collaboration

3 ways to inspire cross-functional collaboration that improves company culture

When you bring together people with different skills and perspectives, amazing things happen. Here are three ways HR can facilitate cross-functional collaboration and create a culture where everyone feels like part of the team.

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Compensation management 101

What are compensation management tools and why does your HR team need them?

For rapidly growing companies, compensation management tools are a game-changer—enabling organizations to elevate the compensation process to provide competitive packages and transparency.

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PRIDE in the workplace 2021

Celebrating Pride: 3 steps for LGBTQ workplace inclusion

To celebrate Pride Month, we're sharing tips on how HR can create the kind of workplace where everyone is free to come as they are.

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onboarding best practices

Four onboarding best practices (that work for remote hires too)

Creating an excellent onboarding process requires trial and error, but the payoff in terms of employee experience is huge.

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International HR Day 2021

International HR Day: Celebrating HR and shaping the new future

International HR Day is here, and we’re excited to join companies around the world in recognizing the people professionals for all of their dedication and support. HR is the department running things behind the scenes, making sure employees have everything they need to do great work. International HR day is our opportunity to bring these professionals into the spotlight, celebrating them for their tireless efforts to improve the organizations they lead and for always putting people first.  As we look ahead to the future of work, let’s also reflect on…

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inclusive workplaces for non binary employees

3 HR leaders talk pronouns, privilege, and tech’s role in creating more inclusive workplaces

We hosted a panel of HR leaders to discuss creating more inclusive workplaces for non-binary employees. Here’s what they said about how we can “leverage our privilege and power to uplift, and educate, and essentially do better.”

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