Reducing Employee Turnover

How to reduce employee turnover

To stem the flow of turnover, start with why people are most likely to leave. Here are five reasons professionals tend to leave their jobs and strategies your HR team can use to reduce employee turnover.

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Will AI replace the “human” in HR? - Will-AI-replace-the-_human_-in-HR__-Global-image.png

Will AI replace the “human” in HR?

The question of whether AI will replace HR is admittedly a silly one. Machines can do a lot, but HR's role will always require human skill, knowledge, and above all, empathy.

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Suite vs. point solutions: 4 things to think about before you choose - Suite-vs-point-solutions_-Global-image.png

Suite vs. point solutions: 4 things to think about before you choose

With all of the systems available for HR teams, it's essential to assess the needs of your company and employees before choosing a solution. Here are four things to think about before settling on a point or suite solution.

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Meet Bob's custom Workflows

Why your HR team needs automated workflows

Today's HR teams are tasked with a huge list of initiatives, making it hard to survive without automation. See how Bob’s Custom Workflows keep your HR operations running smoothly while you scale and grow.

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Talking hybrid work

6 hybrid work lessons from Vita Mojo’s Head of People

We sat down (virtually) with Karthika to hear how Vita Mojo's HR team is approaching the future of hybrid work and why they're taking a two-month pause on employee surveys.

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Getting Ahead of The Great Resignation

Avoiding a collision course with "The Great Resignation"

HiBob’s CMO Rhiannon Staples sits down for a special session of HR Summer School where she talks about retention, engagement, and why flexibility needs to be a part of every company’s back-to-office strategy.

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The future of AI and HR

3 ways AI can improve workplace communication

HR teams already use AI to automate processes, but there’s so much more that can be gained. Here are three ways humans and machines can "work together" to improve workplace communication.

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Elevate employee experience

3 ways HR tech can improve the employee experience

When organizations get employee experience right, they can achieve twice the customer satisfaction and innovation, and generate 25% higher profits, than those that don't.

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Remote work life

How to keep your remote and hybrid workers connected

How can HR keep employees connected—to each other, to the big picture, and to the company culture—when everyone’s spread apart? Start with these three tips.

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Bob and Slack intergation

Bob’s Slack integration is here to make your (work) life easier

We want to meet employees where they work, so they can enjoy all of the Bob features without logging on to a different platform or even a separate tab. Get to know all the great features of our integration with Slack.

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How to use goals to motivate your workforce

The secret to motivating your hybrid workforce? Goals

Staying motivated while WFH can be challenging. Here’s how to create a goal-setting process that will help your people push past productivity dips and reignite their focus and drive.

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