Many employees believe career development opportunities have significantly decreased as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, with some workers thinking about quitting their jobs. 

The problem? Creating opportunities for advancement and internal mobility are no longer just nice-to-haves. Businesses must prioritize career development as a core tenant to both attract and retain top talent. This starts with the recruitment process. From your careers page and job descriptions to interviewing and onboarding, hiring teams must help job seekers see a long-term future with their company at each touchpoint. Once candidates become new hires, the process of following through on these promises begins.

Now is the time to optimize the internal mobility process from across the employee lifecycle. Amanda Friedl, VP of Strategy at JazzHR, Bryce Weinert, Operations Manager at TeamBuilding, and Kevin Campbell, People Scientist and Executive Coach at Lifted Leadership LLC shared tips on:

  • Making career development a pillar of your employer brand
  • Highlighting internal mobility as a way to attract top talent
  • How HR can implement a growth-oriented culture 
  • Internal mobility and career development best practices
  • The role managers play in defining a career path for their employees 
  • How performance can influence employee engagement 

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