Building an effective HR strategy in tech - Toby Hough
Toby Hough
People & Culture Director, EMEA
Building an effective HR strategy in tech - Jeremy Schmidt
Jeremy Schmidt
Director of Talent Acquisition

Being an HR leader in today’s modern tech companies has unique challenges. From hybrid and remote work to the war for top tech talent and scaling culture during rapid growth, HR and people teams need to address many issues and create an HR and recruitment strategy that truly focuses on keeping people engaged and proud to work in tech.

Watch our latest on-demand webinar as Hibob and Codility share tips on overcoming the top HR challenges in tech. In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • The most common challenges HR and people leaders face in the tech industry
  • How to recruit and retain tech talent 
  • How to manage your people more efficiently and effectively in a remote and hybrid world
  • Scaling culture during growth and keeping the employee experience front and center

Watch the webinar


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