HR is no longer synonymous with human capital management. In fact, modern HR professionals see their people as humans instead, without the capital attached. With people in the workplace regularly having a quitting approach, HR leaders need to create a culture that not just engages and retains people but ignites a sense of belonging amongst the company. To do this, the best possible employee experience platform is required and should be employed to the full extent of its capabilities, surpassing traditional core HR functions and overcoming the challenge of helping people feel they belong.

bob was designed for exactly this: to put people first. bob’s social media look and feel is designed to empower employees, offering them a user experience that maximizes engagement. It starts on day one, using customizable onboarding workflows that let you welcome new hires with introductions to key people and bits of company culture. bob is there to help them feel right at home and minimize first-day jitters as they get settled in and take advantage of the intuitive features bob has to offer. 

Hibob employee experience platform

Personalized employee profiles 

The challenge: Traditional HR software is heavy and outdated. It’s not necessarily approachable to the modern workforce. New HR solutions need to resemble the type of tech platforms younger generations are consuming today. After all, employees will always choose to interact with HR tech that’s social and fun over standard and corporate. 

The solution: bob offers customizable employee profiles where your people can fill out all of their personal information on day one – making onboarding simpler than ever. Admin is still there to deal with, of course! But, bob streamlines the HR admin process with a digital solution that takes care of policy docs and form-filling even before a new hire even starts on day one. 

They don’t have to spend their first day filling out paperwork from HR, you can send them a link to bob and have them fill out everything in the comfort of their home. 

Your people can fill out their basic info and customize certain sections of their profile to fit their unique needs or preferences, and their birthday will be logged in the system for when it’s time to celebrate! Sharing hobbies and superpowers are where the fun really begins, with a culture section that features interesting facts and stats that get your people really connected. 

Engaging social UX and UI

The challenge: Old school HR software doesn’t leave room for open communication or transparency, and these are two things the modern workforce craves. Employees now expect to be informed with consistent updates through an accessible solution that pleasant to navigate. Employees also want to engage with one another through that solution, while being recognized and praised for their efforts by managers and peers outside of annual performance reviews.  

The solution: bob offers a number of features that keep people connected and feeling good! Kudos is the feature that recognizes people and is centered around employee recognition and appreciation. Employees can send company-wide, site-specific, or department-designated Kudos on bob. 

Hosting a happy hour? Gamifying a work project? Announce it via Shoutouts! Shoutouts on bob change the way your people communicate and share company messages with one another. bob also brings people together with its culture clubs; Clubs allow you to understand and nurture the culture that may already exist at your company, but also amplify it when motivation is low. Culture isn’t truly complete until your people bond over shared interests, hobbies, and superpowers.

Holistic view of people

The challenge: Fast-growing companies fall victim to siloed departments, where top-down hierarchies are valued regardless of how outdated they are. Top-down organizations just simply aren’t built for the type of work networks we enforce today. Work networks should be dynamic across teams that allow for non-traditional organizational structures. HR needs an eagle’s eye view of their employment body alongside job descriptions that speak to who they truly are. 

The solution: bob’s customizable Org Chart offers you and your people a full picture of the relationships between people, teams, and departments that makes data-driven decisions easier. The Org Chart goes above and beyond, allowing everyone to see who reports to whom while visualizing the different connections between employees across your company. 

The bob HR mobile app also makes it easy to view the several statuses of those you work with; on mobile, people really do come first as the app highlights company updates, events, and time and attendance all on the same stunning interface as desktop bob. View and celebrate birthdays and milestones by checking the bob HR mobile app dashboard on the go. 

Put your trust in bob, a user-friendly platform with distinctive UI elements that strengthens company culture while bringing people together. The new world of work is all about creating meaningful relationships, all from building personalized social-style profiles and sharing company-wide announcements using Kudos and Shoutouts. bob gives everyone a chance to acknowledge achievements and milestones while giving HR a holistic company view that motivates employees and keeps them feeling good about their workplace.

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From Stephanie Stevens

Stephanie is Content Marketer at Hibob. She has a background in Clinical Psychology and Crisis Management, and enjoys abstract painting and watching horror films in her spare time. She believes that people can connect with themselves, their peers, and the world around them through creative writing, helping them foster a deeper sense of self and their life goals in the process.