Happiness at work week highlights and top tips - lidya-nada-_0aKQa9gr4s-unsplash-e1569509661762.jpg

Happiness at work week highlights and top tips

With International Happiness at Work Week drawing to a close, we have been reflecting back on the events and webinars that we have hosted this week and have a whole repertoire of tips and advice we’re excited to share with you.  Our first webinar of the week looked at the importance of motivation and collaboration across all teams within a business - including (arguably, most importantly) the leadership team. In order to identify what really motivates and bonds a high performing, happy team - we went outside of the boardroom…

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HR's guide to stress management Hibob

HR's guide to communications in crisis

Some crises are impossible to anticipate or plan for, but how a crisis is managed will make the difference between organizational recovery or collapse. HR’s role during these times is to guide policies and strategies that prioritize employee wellbeing and foster open and constructive communication

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Webinar: Managing Change Through People Leadership - chris-lawton-5IHz5WhosQE-unsplash-e1565877347777.jpg

Webinar: Managing Change Through People Leadership

For those of you who joined my Webinar with Hibob, you’ll know that my approach is FAR from HR (even though that rhymes). It’s about managing change through PEOPLE leadership!  https://youtu.be/YFvps8KAO10 I’m not interested in discussing traditional HR Change Management processes, because I don’t believe slapping a generic process on top of a problem ever works. In modern day, fast paced, high growth businesses, we need something more transformative. Hence (one of) Unleashed’s mottos: HR is dead, long live People! We’ll start by looking at some key steps to creating…

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back to the office guide for HR Hibob

Back to the office guide

Combating the spread of COVID-19 is a shared responsibility. Each of us should do our part in reducing the risk of infection, especially for more vulnerable members of our communities. Communicate any concerns you may have before going back to work and adhere to organizational standards to protect yourself and those around you. Working together, managers, HR, and teams can get back to work safely and with renewed motivation and morale.

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Webinar: Performance reviews and productivity - john-schnobrich-2FPjlAyMQTA-unsplash.jpg

Webinar: Performance reviews and productivity

Following our webinar on future-proofing performance processes, to boost productivity and meet the demands of today’s workforce, here is a roundup of the key points and takeaways. https://youtu.be/Maru-rI2LTQ The session began with bob’s Head of Customer Success, Alyson Sturgess, taking us through the importance of performance reviews and how they can contribute to enhanced productivity. She discussed how getting the right performance measures in place, can be the perfect way to: Close the feedback loop between manager and employeeSet clear expectations and goalsClarify what success looks likeConfirm what makes an…

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5 ways HiBob uses Bob to manage a remote workforce - 5-ways-Hibob-uses-bob-to-manage-a-remote-workforce-main-image-1-1.png

5 ways HiBob uses Bob to manage a remote workforce

We went fully remote in one weekend. When we left work on Friday afternoon there were whispers about the possibility of a company-wide WFH period coming soon. By Sunday, that was a reality for all of our global offices - and it doesn’t look like we’ll be coming back to our offices anytime soon. Without utilizing bob, we couldn’t have done it. Taking advantage of bob’s tools and native integrations allowed us to initiated and complete an unimaginable transition quickly and (nearly) seamlessly. Let’s discuss the five key ways bob…

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Hibob events: Getting started with people analytics in HR - proxyclick-visitor-management-system-FHGVoOlwGaI-unsplash-1.jpg

Hibob events: Getting started with people analytics in HR

It’s been a highly analytical week at Hibob with our conversations around data and people analytics in full flow. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HJOjhw2AuU Our in-house data scientist, Adina Lederhendler, shared her top tips for getting started with People Analytics during a webinar on Tuesday and a panel of HR and insight experts (Nicola Millard, Luke Wilkins and Lauren Brown) took us through some real life examples of the impact data can have on a people function, during our panel discussion last night.  While presented in different formats the underlying message was very much…

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The new world of remote onboarding - The-new-world-of-remote-onboarding-main-image-4.png

The new world of remote onboarding

Until the COVID-19 epidemic, frequent job-hopping cost the U.S. economy $30.5 billion annually. But the job-seeker’s market has become tight and now favors employers as 26.5 million jobs were lost and unemployment surged to 20% in just five weeks. "Organizations with a strong onboarding process improve productivity by over 70%."Brandon Hall Group Working from home has become a new normal for millions of Americans—and it may not go away even when the economy recovers. 24% of people currently working from home don’t want to go back to the office and…

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Onboarding checklist Hibob

The ultimate guide to onboarding

What is onboarding? The Oxford Dictionary defines onboarding as -The action or process of integrating a new employee into an organization or familiarizing a new customer or client with one's products or services. The keywords in this above definition are ‘action or process’. Onboarding is something that you have to do consciously, or it doesn’t happen. Every company should have an onboarding process for new hires. It’s a non-controversial definition that we can all agree upon. However, what ‘integrating a new employee’ means to one business might not be the…

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Webinar: How to Build an Employer Brand in 100 Days with Dave Hazlehurst - lum3n-250309-unsplash.jpg

Webinar: How to Build an Employer Brand in 100 Days with Dave Hazlehurst

This week, Hibob hosted a webinar led by Dave Hazlehurst, employer brand strategist and director at Ph. Creative, an employer branding agency that works with companies all over the globe. He took us through the stages his company uses when working with organizations to build a robust and attractive employee brand proposition. https://youtu.be/teiPR8TLS0U Company employer brand vs. customer-facing brand First up, it’s important to get clear on the difference between your customer-facing branding and your employee-facing branding: The customer-facing brand: what you do and what you sellEmployer brand: who you…

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workplace stress prevention Hibob

A look at workplace stress prevention and cures

Preventing employee stress helps reduce absenteeism, improve retention, and create a happier, healthier work environment.

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The new world of  remote performance reviews - The-new-world-of-remote-performance-reviews-lobby-image.png

The new world of remote performance reviews

Workplace practices and employee needs are evolving. HR professionals are taking the lead in building the new workplace. While remote work was rare in the 2010s, this is no longer the case. In 2018, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics published a report showing that 36 million Americans were already working from home at least occasionally, with 15% reporting that they had the option to do so. This massive growth, however, has left the HR world scrambling to build new processes. For example, how can HR teams manage the highly…

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employee engagement Hibob

Employee engagement is found to be a key factor in overcoming WFH isolation

Overcoming WFH isolation using HR tech The COVID-19 pandemic has had an unexpected, irreversible impact on our personal and professional lives. Around the world, people of all ages have been forced into “social distancing,” quarantines, and isolation in order to control the virus’ spread. Businesses have been shuttered, bars and restaurants have taken huge financial hits and millions are unemployed or on unpaid leave. For employees of traditionally office-based companies— like us—workdays have shifted from sitting with colleagues and friends to working from home, relying on video conference calls to…

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Why customers choose HiBob over alternatives - HiBob-over-Alternatives-main-image-aspect-ratio-349-149.png

Hibob vs alternatives

Whether you’ve realized that Excel sheets aren’t the best way for HR to hire and manage employees or you’ve outgrown a legacy system, there is indeed a better way. Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS)

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Remote termination Hibob

The letting-go guide for remote people managers

A painful reality of managing is parting ways with employees. Sometimes, due to circumstances out of your control, you’ll be forced to part ways even with high-performing employees. Letting go of valued employees has an impact on company culture.

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