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A complete HR system for modern businesses

The best way to streamline operations and boost team engagement at every level of your organization.

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Manage your people and processes with all your HR systems on one platform

HiBob's HR system centralizes employee data, onboarding processes, company culture efforts, and more on a single platform. HR teams can shift their focus from tedious paperwork to strategic initiatives that propel growth and support a dynamic workplace culture.

Support HR needs

Engage all team members

Reduce manual work

Empower your people

Integrate quickly

Keep data secure

HR system for modern businesses - Support-HR-needs-1.pngHR system for modern businesses - Support-HR-needs-1.png

Support all your HR needs

Bob’s HR system meets the comprehensive needs of modern HR teams. 

  • Hire the best people with a streamlined hiring process that puts the candidates first
  • Monitor and enhance team member performance through structured performance reviews
  • Leverage people analytics to make informed HR decisions and improve workforce planning


HR system for modern businesses - Engage-all-team-members-1.pngHR system for modern businesses - Engage-all-team-members-1.png

Connect and engage all team members

Unifying your team is easier than ever with Bob. From tenured managers to eager new joiners, Bob offers engagement opportunities for everyone on a social media-like hub.

  • Use the People Directory to get to know your new team members
  • Leverage the Org Chart to show relationships between your people and teams
  • Discover shared connections like hobbies, gender pronouns, and more with Bob’s Club View
The fact that we have Bob, we’re able to celebrate everyone's birthdays, and celebrate everybody's achievements and their anniversaries and share about different public holidays, and what they are about and what’s the history for our global teams is really cool.
Abbey Gladysz
Abbey GladyszHuman Resources Manager, NovattiREAD MORE
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Reduce time-consuming manual work

Manual tasks can distract HR from their core focus: their people. Cut down on admin time and reduce errors with Bob’s automated workflows.

  • Quickly set up online task lists for preboarding, onboarding, and offboarding with just a few clicks
  • Use automated emails, notifications, and reminders for smooth communication
  • Simplify time and absence tracking with Bob’s attendance management features

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HR system for modern businesses - Empower-your-people-1.pngHR system for modern businesses - Empower-your-people-1.png

Understand and empower your people

Empower every member of your team, whether they work remotely, on-site, or globally. Simplify the management of performance reviews and career growth across diverse work arrangements.

  • Conduct performance reviews effortlessly using accurate data—career timelines, goals, and achievements—for fair and effective assessments
  • Enable team members to set and track clear, attainable goals
  • Accommodate remote and international teams with performance cycles specific to different locations and team structures
HR system for modern businesses - Integrate-quickly-1-1.pngHR system for modern businesses - Integrate-quickly-1-1.png

Integrate with all your business systems

Bob fits right into your existing HR tech ecosystem. Streamline processes, enhance data accuracy, and scale efficiently—no matter how complex your global tech stack is.

  • Connect with the leading platforms for payroll, benefits administration, compliance, and more
  • Automate repetitive tasks to save time and reduce errors
  • Scale quickly and seamlessly as your organization grows
In May, we started looking for a new tool and were onboarded with HiBob by June. We evaluated many tools, and there are many reasons why we wanted to move to a different tool and why we chose HiBob. But ultimately, the main reason was the lack of integrations and the lack of streamlined processes, and this was something that was going to break us as a team because we’re so lean.
Chloe Gibbs
Chloe GibbsHR Lead, HeroesREAD MORE
HR system for modern businesses - Keep-data-secure-1.pngHR system for modern businesses - Keep-data-secure-1.png

Keep all HR data organized and secure

Bob enhances your HR operations to ensure all your documents and data are secure and easily accessible. Simplify document management and bolster data security for peace of mind.

  • Reduce paperwork by handling contracts and legal documents digitally with Bob’s eSign tool
  • Securely store, organize, and retrieve all HR documents in the cloud with Bob’s cloud-based document management system
  • Set custom access permissions to maintain confidentiality and ensure data privacy

The most customizable HR system. Built for the way you HR.

Meet Bob. An adaptable HR system for modern teams.

By automating tedious paperwork and utilizing powerful analytics, HR leaders can use Bob to focus on strategic decision-making and fostering team engagement. Experience a modern HR approach that lets you focus more on people and less on processes. LEARN MORE ABOUT BOB
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Learn more about HR Systems

What are Bob’s HR features?

Bob’s HR system includes automated workflows, People Analytics, digital document management, customizable performance management tools, compensation management, absence management, and benefits administration. These features streamline HR processes, ensuring efficiency and strategic HR management across the organization.

What are HR systems?

HR systems are advanced HR software solutions that streamline the management of team member information and essential HR processes. These systems support complex tasks like onboarding, payroll management, attendance tracking, workforce planning, and talent management. 

Who uses HR systems?

Several teams use HR systems, including: 

  • HR professionals to streamline daily tasks
  • Managers and executives to support data-driven decision-making
  • Team leaders to manage employee performance
  • Finance professionals for integrating time tracking and payroll 
Benefits of HR systems

HR systems bring significant benefits to organizations including:

  • Improved efficiency: HR leaders can redirect their efforts from daily operations to more critical strategic HR initiatives by automating routine tasks like time tracking
  • Enhanced data accuracy: Centralized data management minimizes errors with improved consistency
  • Compliance support: HR systems typically follow data security regulations, ensuring that organizational practices meet legal standards
  • Actionable insights: Analytics provides valuable insights into workforce management and supports better decision-making

What is the difference between an HRIS and an HR system?

An HRIS (Human Resource Information System) specifically focuses on the administrative functions essential to managing a company’s human resources. This typically includes storing and organizing employee data, managing payroll, streamlining time tracking and attendance, and automating HR workflows to improve the efficiency of HR department operations.

HR systems may include all the capabilities of an HRIS and also incorporate additional features such as talent management, employee engagement, performance management, and advanced analytics. These systems manage the entire employment lifecycle from onboarding to offboarding and can enhance strategic decision-making within organizations.

What is an HRIS vs. an HCM?

An HRIS (Human Resource Information System) primarily focuses on the administrative aspects of HR management. This system stores and organizes data related to people within a company, helping support the HR department’s operations. Common features of an HRIS include hiring, training, compensation and benefits management, self-services for employees and managers, and workflow management.

An HCM (Human Capital Management) system is a comprehensive suite of tools and applications designed to manage and optimize an organization’s teams. HR teams use HCM systems to improve team member productivity through advanced training, performance evaluations, and strategic analytics. These systems analyze metrics such as employee turnover, cost-per-hire, and employee engagement rates to inform and optimize workforce management.

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