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The best absence management software for employees and managers

The smartest way for modern businesses to track absences and attendance.

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Maximize productivity and efficiency with a complete absence management system

HiBob’s absent management software automates time tracking and approval requests for PTO and sick days. This allows HR admins and employees to focus on other tasks, leading to superior productivity and performance.
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Streamlined absence requests and approvals

Requesting and approving time off is easy with Bob. Whether it’s holidays, sick days, PTO, vacation days, or parental leave, team members can request time off from anywhere with just a few clicks.

  • View any time off request statuses, remaining balances, or cancel requests.
  • Approve time off requests for team members within their workflow via push notifications from Slack or MS Teams, or on the go via the Bob app.
  • Take advantage of the calendar view of all your team members and their requests, which shows who’s in and who’s out so that you can ensure coverage.

Simplify time off requests and approvals

It’s the flexibility that Bob gives on setting the policies as you want them. So, for example, we have this rule in Austria that employees have to take a 30-minute pause every six hours, and they can’t work for more than 12 hours. And if they do, the manager gets a warning. So, all those things are triggered through Bob automatically. But this is not the same in other locations.
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Easy attendance reporting for employees

Bob’s easy-to-use absence management software streamlines attendance reporting for employees. 

  • Easily log and track attendance with the “clock in” and “clock out” buttons in Bob’s Time and Attendance module.
  • Forgot to clock in or out? Bob’s “Quick Fix” feature allows team members to edit their entries, clock in or out multiple times a day, and even edit their hours on the go.
  • View your detailed monthly activity summary to see the total days, hours worked, and overtime hours.

View employee reported absences with Bob

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Automated absence tracking for managers

Intuitively manage employee absences from within your flow of work—speeding up response time and eliminating copious paperwork and lengthy processes.

  • Track and manage time off with a calendar view showing which team members are out.
  • Access reports with historical data displaying time taken off and current balances in current and previous cycles.
  • Easily make adjustments to logged hours or remind team members to fill in missing information.

Manage employee attendance with Bob

Manage your employees’ attendance in one place.

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Agile workforce planning

Bob provides an accurate overview of your team or department’s work hours on one screen so you can identify any missing information, hours, and errors: 

 Create, customize, and assign time off policies for different departments, sites, and employees.

  • Access automated analytics and reports on departments and employees, including the average number of hours each employee spent working in both previous and current cycles.
  • Craft multiple headcount plans for events and business strategies that align with managers’ goals and budgets.

Plan ahead with Bob

Meet Bob, the agile absence management software for modern businesses.

Bob provides a flexible and modern approach to managing absences and avoiding absenteeism. Say goodbye to confusion and piles of paperwork and say hello to streamlined, simple, and efficient absence management. But it doesn’t stop there. Bob’s wide range of features gives your HR team everything they need to operate efficiently. Learn more about Bob
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Learn more about absence management

What is absence management?

Absence management is a process or policy that organizations use to manage employee absences, PTO, and other factors to maintain productivity. It involves strategies and policies for handling situations when team members cannot attend work for various reasons, such as illness, personal emergencies, or family matters.

What is an example of absence management?

An example of absence management would be conducting an employee check-in after consistent absences. For example, let’s say an individual starts missing work more frequently than usual.  

An employee check-in is a great absence management strategy that can help resolve this issue.

During an employee check-in, HR managers can talk to the person directly to understand why they are missing work and what support they may need. The HR manager can also work with the team member to adjust the attendance policy.

At the end of the day, we’re all human. Absence management policies should help ensure you have enough staff to keep everything running smoothly, but it should also make it simple for employees to take time off, stay engaged, and enjoy their work.

What is absence management software?

Absence management software is a digital tool designed to help organizations track and manage employee absences. It automates recording time-off requests, such as vacation days, sick leave, personal time, and other absences. 

Each absent management software is different and can offer tools that cater to your organization’s needs. Some common features offered by absent management software include: 

  • Time-off request workflows 
  • Employee self-service portals
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Legal compliance management
How do you keep track of employee absences?

Absence management software makes it easy to track employee absences with a range of tools and features, such as leave request workflows, real-time attendance tracking, leave balance calculations, and comprehensive reporting options. 

What is the best absence management policy?

The best absence management policy for your business should balance the needs of the team members, the managers, and the organization. A comprehensive absence management policy can include: 

  • A definition of attendance standards for employees
  • An overall view of the company’s attendance policy
  • Expectations for work attendance
  • Clear procedures for requesting time off and reporting unplanned absences
  • Managerial responsibilities and expectations
  • Employee sign-off

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