Five Best Ways HR Professionals Can Influence Their CEOs - arrows-box-business-533189.jpg

Five Best Ways HR Professionals Can Influence Their CEOs

Today’s C-level executives are realizing that they can’t regard HR merely as a back-office function anymore. The world of work is evolving and we’ve come to realize that when human resources is included in the strategic aspects of an organization, company-wide progress is much more likely to be fast-tracked. Below, are the parts of an HR department’s role and responsibilities that can best promote the CEO’s main goal, to achieve runaway success for the organization. Doing it with data: An HR team can prove its value to the CEO by…

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How to Put Real Value into Your Employer Branding - employer-branding.jpeg

How to Put Real Value into Your Employer Branding

In September, we were the proud hosts of an event in London looking at how companies can develop an employer branding strategy that truly reflects their values. The meetup featured four highly respected experts: Dave Hazlehurst, director at Ph. Creative, Francesca Campalani, head of attraction & employer branding at Deloitte UK, Natalie Brock, head of talent acquisition & employer branding at Gympass, and Jenny Tillgren, employer branding strategist at Applied. The night was full of insightful discussion - here are our top takeaways. What is employer branding? And why does…

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12 HR Blogs You Simply Must Bookmark

What’s the next big HR tech trend? How can you more effectively communicate with your CEO? What’s the best way to recruit and hold on to new people? For the HR pro, good, timely advice can be more precious than gold. The good news is that pretty much any question you may have about the people management space has been answered. The trick is to know where to look. Bob’s scoured the Internet and consulted with its own team of people management experts to put together this list, the 12…

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4 KPIs that Every HR Department Must Have - abstract-accuracy-accurate-262438.jpg

4 KPIs that Every HR Department Must Have

The competition for talent is heating up just as the workforce is shrinking. In today’s talent-driven economy, staying on top of your people data is more important than ever. Effective metrics and KPIs can help HR teams flag areas of trouble early and make the necessary adjustments quickly. There are many metrics that go into workforce analysis. Below, are four KPIs that every HR department should include to get the most out of their recruiting processes, workplace culture, employee programs and other aspects of people management. Turnover rate: Too many…

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Four Ways to Know Whether Your Teams Have Enough Autonomy - art-board-game-challenge-163064.jpg

Four Ways to Know Whether Your Teams Have Enough Autonomy

As a manager, you’re focused on achieving and facilitating the best results for your team. To do this you need to create a workplace culture where team members are motivated to give their best while also supporting their colleagues’ efforts. Getting the most out of your teams depends on keeping team members engaged, and this can only happen when they feel free to make important job-related decisions. It’s all about choice, but how much autonomy should your teams have?   Too much choice? Having complete autonomy can make it difficult…

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Are You Accidentally Dismissing Good Job Candidates? - desk-discussing-discussion-1311518.jpg

Are You Accidentally Dismissing Good Job Candidates?

I’ve never met someone who enjoys going to a job interview. My first full-time job interview after graduating from university was a superday. If this is a new term for you, a superday is the final round of a hiring process that consists of up to 20 interviews in a day, group discussions, presentations and testing. I was nervous but excited as I walked into the huge New York City office. After a day of intense interviews, I walked out exhausted. One of the other candidates turned to me and…

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The Connection Between Workplace Wellbeing and Company Success - architecture-bay-blonde-196667.jpg

The Connection Between Workplace Wellbeing and Company Success

It seems that no industry conference or corporate away day is complete without a rousing segment on wellbeing, specifically employee wellbeing. But how often have you found that once you’re back in the real world, you’re ill-equipped to articulate the business case for wellbeing? Or, if you’re indeed ready to invest in workplace wellbeing, you don’t know where to start? The data on wellbeing is disconcerting. The latest CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) absence management survey finds that stress-related absences are going up every year. Along with an…

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How to Harness Company Values into Effective Employer Branding - Employer-branding-bob-2.jpg

How to Harness Company Values into Effective Employer Branding

The HR, Talent & Culture meetup group invites you to join us for a timely discussion: How to Harness Company Values into Effective Employer Branding. Recruitment is estimated to be a $400 billion industry, with employees today only staying 1-2 years at a company. Meanwhile, more and more people are freelancing, as opposed to being employed at a full-time job. These trends along with the growth of a global job market have created a generation of top talent that is harder to attract and retain. As such, employer branding is…

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employer branding

Can’t Get and Keep the Best and Brightest? Time to Talk About Your Brand

Once upon a time, ‘employer branding’ was not much more than a buzzword. But companies today understand that to stay competitive and get the best talent on the market, coming up with a compelling employer brand is key. The reason for this is the rapidly changing workforce. The rise of the gig economy; putting talent ahead of length of employment; and the focus on quickly wracking up diverse career experiences are trends that are fuelling the growth of a global job market. As a result, it’s harder to attract and…

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well being

Why Monetising Your Employees’ Wellbeing is a Good Business Strategy

“There is no evidence to show any conflict between economic growth and happiness. And indeed, quite the reverse,” said Professor Sir Angus Deaton, winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2015, during a keynote speech at the Business Leaders Summit in Davos, Switzerland, in January. Gone are the days when feeling good about where you worked was little more than a wishful aspiration. Traditional measurements for “being good at your job” - working long hours, being connected to the phone and constantly feeling overwhelmed - are fast falling by…

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Be My Valentine? The Responsible Way to Date Your Coworker

The season of love is upon us. So as Cupid prepares to draw back his bow, now's a good time to have an open, honest chat about the dos and don'ts of getting involved in an office romance. While the office hookup is as old as work, the #MeToo movement has shined a bright light on the issue of sexual harassment in the workplace. As a result, interoffice romantic relationships have hit a 10-year low, according to CareerBuilder's Annual Valentine's Day survey. In 2008, 40 percent of respondents admitted to…

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Careers are Changing: What Should Companies Do to Adapt? - SCO.jpeg

Careers are Changing: What Should Companies Do to Adapt?

When I was growing up, my concept of work was based on roles I was exposed to in my daily life: doctors, emergency workers or shop assistants. Even when I got older and better understood the breadth and depth of business and the roles within it, I still never imagined that I would be a  ‘growth manager’ today. To be fair, that’s probably something that didn’t exist five years ago; technology has completely changed the way companies recruit and the way people build and manage their careers. Now that people…

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Retaining new parents – why and how?

Many new businesses start with great intentions, to create an innovative service or product and flexible and inclusive culture that attracts and keeps great talent. But marrying the two can be a challenge when HR budgets are slim and set up costs focus on output and delivery rather than internal policies and procedures. Hoping that your business will naturally grow with your employees and meet their changing needs as they arise is not the best plan for success. Unless you have a good understanding of what it means to become…

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Announcing $17.5 Series A Investment

ENTERING NEW MARKETS & TRANSFORMING THE WAY BUSINESSES ENGAGE WITH EMPLOYEES We’re excited to announce that hibob has just raised $17.5 million in series A funding. This latest investment round is led by the US-based Battery Ventures with additional participation from Eight Roads Ventures (the proprietary investment arm of Fidelity International Limited) and Arbor Ventures, as well as Bessemer Venture Partners, who led our seed round of $7.5 Million in June 2016. Today’s series A announcement, one of the largest of its kind in the UK, brings our total funding…

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HR influencers: Barry Flack, HR and business change mentor

“A decade ago, I was the oddball advocating HR Technology when our profession viewed it as an obvious threat to be managed… Thankfully the tables are turning”. Barry is an experienced business change professional with a background of senior HR and Talent roles spanning large and small businesses in various industries. Describing himself as jargon-free, pragmatic and ‘not afraid to tell it like it is’, Barry has developed a unique toolkit of expertise from which he advises clients, delivers keynote speeches and champions HR Tech. He’s a prolific writer on…

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