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  "Now, more than ever, everything a company does is part of the employee experience, and this is changing how recruitment should operate."     Philip Alexander is a CEO and co-founder of Mentorial - the career development platform, as well as the Employee Experience and HR content curator for Startup Digest, based in London. In this interview, he shared his thoughts and advice on current trends in the recruitment and HR industry and how Mentorial is set to disrupt these sectors. Philip, what is Mentorial and what do you…

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Meetup: London HR Disruptors

Join us for our next HR Meetup on 8th of December!    This time we're getting together with the London HR Disruptors to have some Christmas drinks and make plans for 2017. You'll also get the chance to hear more about our HR and Benefits platform and see a live demo of the product! Our joint Meetup will take place in: WeWork Old Street, 41 Corsham Street, N1 6DR London.   Date and time: 8th of December, 6pm-8pm. Event is free. Drinks and nibbles provided. We're looking forward to welcoming…

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5 ways to win this Christmas - Christmas5-1.jpeg

5 ways to win this Christmas

As employees all over the country start to look forward to the Christmas break and related festivities, there’s one group of people who aren’t usually as excited about the whole thing. Although the bah-humbug isn’t inevitable... HRs and office managers are normally the ones who have to organise all the fun stuff for everyone else and usually have to do a bunch of additional work as a result. However, it doesn’t have to be that way! Here’s my five tips to make sure you can win (and enjoy) this Christmas:…

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HR INFLUENCERS: Nick Matthews,Culture Amp

 “In today’s war for talent, companies need to understand why people choose to join your organisation, or leave it to join a competitor.” Nick Matthews is a Team Leader for Culture Amp’s EMEA team, based in London, as well as an advisor, consultant and influencer in the HR tech space. We got a chance to have him as a speaker at our Digital HR & Human Connection event in September this year, and interview him a few weeks later. In this interview with Nick, he shared his thoughts and advice…

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New in bob: Time off in lieu, animated profile pics, and easy import

Time off in lieu [caption id="attachment_854" align="alignleft" width="300"] Add extra Time Off in Lieu when employees need it[/caption] It’s an everyday thing - you work late, or an extra day, and in return you’re given that time back to take as holiday as ‘time off in lieu’. This is pretty easy to understand, but a little more difficult to record, reclaim and manage. So we’ve created a nifty way for managers to add time off in lieu to their team's holiday balances, and for employees to request time off in…

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Workplace communities and employee retention - Develop-workplace-communities-_Blog-post.png

Workplace communities and employee retention

This article from guest author, Andra Magerusan, is part of a series of posts on digital HR & the human connection - an exploration of the issues & trends around online HR tools, social media channels, and the desire for a positive culture in the workplace. What is a workplace? The workplace concept has changed dramatically over the past decades. While in the past it was common for people to spend their entire lives in one role, leaving after 1- 2 years is much more normal nowadays. It seems as…

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New in bob: Announcements, Direct Debits, and fancy downloads - bob3-50.jpg

New in bob: Announcements, Direct Debits, and fancy downloads

ANNOUNCEMENTS  [caption id="attachment_833" align="alignleft" width="300"] Send announcements to your whole company[/caption] We've added a message board to your company homepage. Broadcast announcements to your whole company through bob and via email. It's great for reminders like expenses deadlines or sharing details of a company outing, and you can automatically send it by email too. Magic! DIRECT DEBIT  [caption id="attachment_834" align="alignleft" width="300"] Choose credit card or Direct Debit when selecting your plan[/caption] You can now set up Direct Debit payments for your bob account. Of course, we still take credit cards as…

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Event: Untangling The Data Spaghetti in Business - IOD-event-1-2.png

Event: Untangling The Data Spaghetti in Business

From people management to payroll & benefits, how can we simplify an increasingLY complex financial ecosystem? 15th November 2016 (8.30am-10.30am) The Institute of Directors, Pall Mall, London 80% of UK organisations are service businesses, according to the Office of National Statistics.  This means that their assets and budget are tied up in their staff. In today’s modern workplace the data ecosystem is more complex than ever. We’ve got pensions auto-enrolment, data protection, dealing with time off, performance management, board reports, internal communications, etc. and a different tool to manage each…

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What is Data Spaghetti? - data-spaghetti-blog-2.png

What is Data Spaghetti?

Data spaghetti is everywhere Businesses today have access to more information than ever before on our people, our finances, and our clients. There’s a software tool for recording just about everything. However, then you end up with multiple pots of information, held in different places. Some of it overlaps, some of it doesn’t, and to make sense of it all you want to bring it together. Do you have 3mins to share your experience of data spaghetti? What is data spaghetti? Let’s say you want to know something simple, like…

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Telephone exchange in black and white

Past lessons for future wins. The progress of pensions.

Pensions auto-enrolment is a hot topic right now, as smaller firms are going through the process for their staff, and most larger companies have already been through it. In this article, financial services expert, Roderic Rennison, takes us through how and why pensions auto-enrolment is an issue right now, and the four key things to consider to make your auto-enrolment a success. Understanding the types and structures of benefits that meet employees’ needs, means that employers increase the likelihood of providing staff benefits that are both relevant and cost effective.…

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Disrupt HR London

A SPECIAL EVENT FOR human resources Tuesday 4th October 2016 (5.30pm-9pm) Rise London, 69-89 Mile End Road, London E1 4TT Click Here to Register Now DISRUPT is an information exchange designed to energize, inform and empower executives, business leaders and people in the HR field. Our Co-Founder Andy Bellass will be speaking at this event about how important it is to create and nurture a company culture. We all know that fostering a sense of connection between staff members is a good thing - the whole team-building industry is based on that…

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Digital HR & The Human Connection

a special event for social media week Thursday 15th September 2016 (6.30pm-8.30pm) WeWork, Corsham Street, London N1 6DR Click Here to Register Now HR communications are changing. From WhatsApp and Slack for team broadcasts and discussions, to socialised business and people management tools (like hibob), social media and socialised platforms are the new normal. Join this engaging panel session, featuring speakers from the digital and HR worlds as we explore the way that social media has been picked up by the new wave of HR and Talent Management professionals. We'll…

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hibob reports make life easier

bob Reports: Simple. Powerful. Automated.

Reports are a critical part of the HR function. However, creating Reports is a nightmare because you have to pull lots of data from lots of sources and make it all talk to each other. We’ve simplified this. How do we make reports easier? All the data you need is one place. You set up the reports you need once. These reports are then updated from live data. And you can even set they up to report automatically at a specific time and sent to a specific person. So from…

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Why human leadership matters - Medium-2500-w-leadership-1.png

Why human leadership matters

Stop for a moment and think about your favourite ever boss. You probably admired their knowledge and skills, but I bet they are your favourite because of the personal connection you had with them. They are a human leader. What is human leadership? Most of us love the leaders who share their humanity. They take the time to connect beyond the status report, and own up to their mistakes. You don’t have to know someone personally to feel this connection either. For example, Richard Branson heads up a hugely successful…

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Why we need psychology - psychology_pic-1.jpg

Why we need psychology

Top psychology lessons for product design At hibob, we’re all about making life easier, and better - specifically the day-to-day lives of business people. Whether they are employees or employers, HRs, CEOs, accountants or whoever - we want to help. We're working to take away the stress around HR management, benefits and employee engagement. Product design can create behavioural change So how are we doing it? It’s more than rolling-out new features, integrating with APIs, and testing. We have to think differently. This means remembering that we are humans creating…

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