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Deel’s global payroll and compliant hiring built for remote teams. That means anyone, anywhere can get hired and paid with Deel. Using a tech-enabled self-serve process, companies can instantly hire full-time employees or independent contractors across the world legally in minutes. With Deel, companies can take care of payroll and create localized legal contracts in over 150 countries. Teams even get the freedom to choose how they withdraw their funds. Deel does it all.

Uncomplicated payroll and compliance for the global workforce.

-Stay on top of compliance: Localized contracts meeting all the laws and taxes requirements of both the country in which you are hiring in and the country you are hiring from.

-Pay and fund salaries in crypto: funding in USDC and payments to contractors in USDC, ETH, BTC, DASH, and SOL

-Automation: Multiple payment methods for all your team in just one click, automated invoices and software integrations.

-Provide a premium user experience: Stock options, health insurance, benefits, PTO, and much more, all in the same platform


Connecting Deel to your Hibob directory allows you to seamlessly onboard members of your organization onto Deel in just a couple of quick steps. You can connect accounts in a few clicks if your service user is configured with all required directory credentials.

The integration is a 1-way sync from Hibob into Deel. This integration lets you see your team members and select them for mapping into a new freelancer or Deel full-time employee contract. This integration saves you heaps of time.

Once you connect Deel with your Hibob directory, you’ll be able to seamlessly onboard members from your org directly to Deel in a few steps. After configuring your account with the required directory credentials, you’ll be able to connect accounts in just a few clicks.

Currently, this integration syncs one way from Hibob to Deel, allowing you to view your team members and select which of their data gets transferred to a freelancer or full-time employee, saving you time.


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