Driving employee engagement across global sites and within diverse departments is a crucial component of this modern working world. At HiBob, our people are on the frontlines of the rapidly changing world of work and we’re consistently innovating our product to keep moving towards this workplace revolution.

It’s no secret that the value of collaboration tools is unprecedented, especially when embedded into the company culture. Company-wide updates, various ad-hoc groups to finalize projects, groups to share updates, private messaging, and business processes all need to be executed in a manner that makes communication timely, clear, and effective. That’s why Bob is meeting employees directly in a tool they love and use every day: Microsoft Teams.

The company’s newest integration supports inclusivity in a culture that creates a sense of belonging while enhancing collaboration and saving people leaders valuable time and energy. Together, Bob and Teams promote productivity through an enhanced communications hub. Work is more enjoyable with connectivity that drives social interaction amongst teams that become family. Distance no longer creates friction with the new Bob and Teams integration; instead, we’re building and strengthening bonds between colleagues across various locations or international sites.

The three biggest benefits of using Bob HR for Microsoft Teams are hard to ignore:

1. Drive engagement

Introduce new hires and empower each current employee to get to know their coworkers.

Drive employee engagement through Bob HR and Teams by promoting collaboration from a new hire’s first day on the job. Updates on upcoming events, people’s whereabouts, and discovering colleagues are increasingly accessible and enhance communication across the board by allowing employees to find what they need to know instantly.

Optimal collaboration and engagement are an inevitable result when you introduce company culture at the earliest stage of an employee’s lifecycle via personalized onboarding starting in Bob HR for Microsoft Teams.

2. Promote transparency

Include people and prove their value by keeping them in the loop with open communication.

Keeping people up to date with company insights creates an inclusive culture where your people feel valued. Within Bob HR for Microsoft Teams, employees can remain in their flow of work and simultaneously stay on top of company information and announcements, which permeate the transparent culture. Transparency walks hand in hand with Kudos and Shoutouts, extending a company-wide feeling of belonging. Companies that promote transparency tend to be more successful, allowing Teams and Bob to help foster a comfort level that advocates for open communication amongst everyone.

3. Increase productivity and happiness

Immediate action and responses to employee inquiries create happier, more productive people.

Finding people where they already are, in their flow of work, means they can get more done and decrease the time it takes to complete HR actions. Real-time notifications and responses to time-off requests lead to increased productivity, translating into better KPIs, then resulting in increased profits for the company. Fast action that puts your people first mitigates anxious waiting periods, with swift responses to employee time off requests creating happier employees who can focus on their tasks whole-heartedly.

The release of Bob HR for Microsoft Teams is a natural next step for HiBob as we work with clients who are trying to maintain their culture and establish a sense of cross-collaboration that younger generations expect, while rapidly scaling across the globe. The integrated channel is now live for all HiBob clients, and more information can be found here. If you’re curious about our strategic platform integrations with Workable, Greenhouse, and Aviva, you can learn more on our integrations page.

Karen Sheffer

From Karen Sheffer

Karen leads HiBob’s product marketing, connecting the world with what Bob has to offer. She lives in Tel Aviv with her husband, two young sons, and a handful of plants she has somehow managed to keep alive.