We all know how helpful Slack is for collaboration and Bob is for HR, but what about when Slack and Bob combine their powers for the greater good?

To celebrate Bob’s integration with Slack, we decided to share our tips for the top 4 ways Bob saves the day when it comes to workplace communication and productivity.

1. When you have no idea where your coworkers are…

Whether they’re taking a personal day, holiday, out sick, or working from home, it can sometimes be hard to keep track of your coworkers and their schedules. Is the walk down the hall really worth it to find out?

Enter daily digest, a customizable summary of all the events on the channels of your choice. This allows your people to quickly view a snapshot of who’s in and out of the office.

2. Who’s the new person? When you want to find out about your new joiners…

Event notifications and shoutouts in real-time make sure you never miss a thing. Meet the new member of the sales team and get updates on your friend’s birthday happy hour! Right to your own Slack channels.

This is especially relevant for fast-growing companies that scale quickly and are in need of a tool that grows with them.

3. When you have a quick question…

Bob Slack commands to the rescue!

Are your coworker’s #holidaygoals Instagram posts giving you major FOMO? Wondering when they’ll be able to join you for lunch again? Just ask Bob directly through Slack commands.

4. When the meeting could have been an email…

It’s easier than ever to review and approve time off, including vacation days, work from home, and sick days all in Slack. Save time by skipping the in-person meeting or Bob platform request and simply respond with a click of a button.

Our seamless integration allows you to receive and manage Bob updates where you’re already spending your time, in Slack channels. Slack presents digestible Bob insights that allow for easier decision making on your end. Spend more time focusing on what matters most by integrating Bob with your favorite productivity tools.

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Nora Stark

From Nora Stark

Nora is Product Marketing Manager at HiBob. She brings her background in psychology and passion for storytelling to her role. Often confused with the Starks from the North, Nora is also on a mission to travel and explore other cultures. An avid reader and podcast listener, she can be found discussing the latest pop culture news around the office. Nora is thrilled to discover where the future of work is headed through Bob.