Hibob and MS Teams

Hibob and Microsoft Teams enhance workplace collaboration with a smart integration

Driving employee engagement across global sites and within diverse departments is a crucial component of this modern working world. At Hibob, our people are on the frontlines of the rapidly changing world of work and we’re consistently innovating our product to keep moving towards this workplace revolution. It’s no secret that the value of collaboration tools is unprecedented, especially when embedded into the company culture. Company-wide updates, various ad-hoc groups to finalize projects, groups to share updates, private messaging, and business processes all need to be executed in a manner…

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Time To Go Mobile

Why mobile apps are crucial when working from home

Are you working from home? We are too. The COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has forced most tech employees to work from home—somewhere that, while reducing the risk of infection, raises the (significantly less dangerous) risk of distraction by children, dishes in the sink, and the extreme appeal of pajamas. Especially for employees who don’t have space for a proper work setup in their homes, getting into the office groove is a major WFH hurdle. Would you believe us if we told you that spending more time on your phone can help?…

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How we hit refresh on bob: Say hi to our speedier, user-friendly platform - 2020-01-09_1730.png

How we hit refresh on bob: Say hi to our speedier, user-friendly platform

You may have already met bob, and that’s great! But, have you seen its new update? We’ve hit the refresh button on our HR management platform that sorts the people stuff, creating a more accelerated and user-friendly experience than ever before. Our design-led product embodies four key principles: clarity, efficiency, consistency, and beauty. We’ve shifted entirely to these concepts and taken a new approach to UX and UI, enhancing bob for all of our users.  Why did we refresh (the already amazing) bob?  The driving factors behind updating bob were…

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Grow as you go with a mobile app that keeps your people connected - patrick-tomasso-KGcLJwIYiac-unsplash_1.jpg

Grow as you go with a mobile app that keeps your people connected

Flexibility has resurged as a top job perk that allows employees to achieve the ever-so coveted work-life balance they so deserve, while allowing employers to brand themselves as understanding and compassionate towards time needed to be spent out of the office. Flexibility and an “on-the-go” way of working have helped the modern workforce reprioritize; we’ve decided to embrace working from different locations and outside of standard office hours for reasons that include pursuing a better work-life balance, increased productivity, less stress, and to avoid a commute.  Companies, of course, need…

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