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Compensation management in bob

Simplify a complex compensation experience and make smart compensation decisions using Hibob’s flexible, intuitive, global compensation management solution.

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Helping a growing company listen better to its people - Paddle-lobby-image-1.png

Helping a growing company listen better to its people

Paddle enables software companies to sell their products and understand their business through their checkout, tax, licensing and analytics solution.

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How to retain your own employees when everyone is out to get them

HiBob surveyed APJ professionals to determine how they see the future of their employment and development of their careers in 2022.

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One pager Meet Bob - Meet-bob-main-image-4.png

The platform that grows people

bob grows with you, adjusting and adapting for new joiners while retaining culture as you scale your company.

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Instant access to employee data - Transfergo-lobby-image-1.png

Instant access to employee data

An online money transfer company for people working abroad who want to send money back home without paying excessive bank fees

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Top 5 HR goals for 2022 - 2022-top-5-HR-goals-main-image.png

Top 5 HR goals for 2022

The last two years have brought more than their share of challenges to the workplace, and HR has grappled with shifts in work trends driven by the response to the pandemic. With the widespread adoption of remote work and hybrid work for the long term, HR is at the crux of logistical challenges as organizations transition to managing dispersed teams online. HR teams are looking for ways to gather input from people, manage onboarding and offboarding from a distance, and support managers as they continue to manage their teams remotely—all…

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Creating a well-balanced compensation and benefits strategy - Payfit-Compensation_Webinar_featured-image.png

Creating a well-balanced compensation and benefits strategy

How can your organization stand out when it comes to offering employees the best compensation and benefit packages?

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Payroll Hub: a modern approach to managing payroll

We recently launched Payroll Hub, a centralized dashboard for managing your payroll in Bob. Payroll Hub provides a simplified, secure, and efficient connection between Bob and most payroll systems. Instead of creating a built-in payroll system like many other HR platforms, we took a different route. As a modern HR platform built for mid-sized, multinational companies, we understand that payroll is an essential part of the employee experience and that there is no one payroll that fits all.

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Employee retention strategies for the new world of work - 360Learning-Employee-retention-strategies_Webinar_featured-image.png

Employee retention strategies for the new world of work

With many people quitting their jobs in record numbers, how can you retain your employees and make their workplaces truly inspiring?

Swing into 2022 with these back to office strategies - Swing-into-2022-with-these-back-to-office-strategies-lobby-image.png

Swing into 2022 with these back to office strategies

Introduction In 2020, the top concern of HR leaders around the world was how to transition their workforce to a remote operation. The dire circumstances of the pandemic forced all of us to quickly rethink how and where work gets done. Individual contributors, managers, teams, and leaders all had to make significant adjustments. For people who relied on in-person work arrangements, it was pretty tricky. “Often the reluctance to allow remote work has to do with a quite outdated concept of how managers need to manage—for instance, you need to…

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Integrations with bob Hibob

bob's integrations with your favorite platforms

Our seamless integrations with today’s top workplace apps mean that you can get more done faster with minimal risk of human error.

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HR doesn’t “partner” with the business. HR is part of the business. - HR-doesnt-partner-with-the-business-lobby-image.png

HR doesn’t “partner” with the business. HR is part of the business.

In 1998, HBR described the role of Human Resources (HR) as follows:   "In most companies today, HR is sanctioned mainly to play policy police and regulatory watchdog. It handles the paperwork involved in hiring and firing, manages the bureaucratic aspects of benefits, and administers compensation decisions made by others ... But the fact remains: the activities of HR appear to be—and often are—disconnected from the real work of the organization. The new agenda, however, would mean that every one of HR’s activities would in some concrete way help the company…

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Automating and scaling HR processes at BenchSci - Lever-Ascend-Conference_Webinar_featured-image.png

Automating and scaling HR processes at BenchSci

Watch our latest on-demand webinar to learn more about the importance of automating and streamlining your HR process.

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Time and Attendance feature Hibob

Time and attendance management

Streamline time and attendance management for employees, managers, and HR.

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HR metrics for 2022

An HR guide to metrics that matter in 2022

Why should HR use a data-driven approach? In today’s world of work, HR professionals are involved in strategic decisions about their company's growth and success—what is working, what isn’t working, and where to invest future efforts. It is employee data that provides the facts and figures to support these conversations, helping HR to have a deep understanding of their companies and locate any problem areas before they cost the company money or talent. In this guide, we’ll focus on three key areas that help to define a company’s success: Retention…

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