Extreme Reach is a truly global company with its headquarters in the US and 49 sites across six continents, from North America to Australia. After acquiring a company and growing 43 percent in headcount, Extreme Reach understood that it was time to replace their multiple point solutions with a single powerful HR platform. Extreme Reach wanted a solution that could integrate with their HR tech stack, provide a good user experience, boost engagement, and create a unified company feel for their 1,100 employees across 49 sites. It was a tall order, but after seeing Bob, they knew they’d found what they’d been looking for.

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Dedham, MA
What they do
Creative logistics
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Extreme Reach empowers brands and agencies everywhere with an all-in-one platform for the activation of omnichannel marketing campaigns, answering the challenges of today’s complex marketing landscape and the complicated infrastructure underpinning the global advertising ecosystem.


What they do
Creative logistics

Managing multiple HR tools wasn’t efficient

Extreme Reach had a complex setup of HR solutions that varied according to geography. They used Cornerstone to manage performance, compensation, and learning; Workable for recruiting; and their international sites also used BambooHR as an HRIS and for tracking time. These tools didn’t integrate well with each other, creating a poor user experience both for Extreme Reach’s team members and the HR team, who needed to spend time entering data manually. 

Extreme Reach wanted to streamline their processes and create a better user experience by implementing a single HR platform to support the entire employee lifecycle. They also wanted it to integrate with their payroll systems and other tech tools and scale with them as they grow.

Streamlining core HR processes with Bob

Bob has enabled Extreme Reach to be much more efficient and provides an excellent user experience for their HR team. Bob seamlessly integrates with their tech stack, allowing them to streamline core HR processes, such as onboarding, which they previously managed using spreadsheets. 

Now, when they hire a new joiner, all of their information flows from Workable to Bob, saving the HR team hours in data entry. Bob’s integration with Google SSO simplifies creating new email users, and the HowNow integration ensures that all new hires receive training on their first day. Everything is automated, enabling HR to onboard several people simultaneously, while providing a seamless onboarding experience for their new hires.

Extreme Reach also wanted an HR platform that could work with any payroll, as they currently use 16 different payroll systems to pay their people globally. As their Human Resources Director, Amanda Neri, explained, “Choosing an all-in-one tool with payroll would have locked us into only that, which didn’t work for us and our global teams.” 

Using Bob’s Payroll Hub, Extreme Reach has seamlessly integrated Bob with ADP WFN, which they use to pay their people across North America. And once they connect all their payroll systems to Bob, they’ll have a centralized dashboard for overseeing payroll across sites, increasing accuracy, and saving them hours in manual data entry. 

“One of the reasons we went with Bob is that we wanted something payroll-agnostic. Picking Bob allowed us to remain flexible, and when looking at payroll systems now, we only have to consider whether or not it will connect to Bob.

Amanda Neri, Human Resources Director at Extreme Reach

Extreme Reach’s workflow integrations

Boosting employee engagement across 49 sites

With their people working across 49 sites worldwide, and many working remotely, Extreme Reach wanted to find a platform that could boost employee engagement and enhance their collaborative and supportive company culture.

Providing a central hub for their people, near and far 

Extreme Reach’s people love using Bob’s homepage as a central place to communicate and enjoy the social media-like feed where they can react with emojis and comments. Engagement is very high, with Extreme Reach’s people posting an average of 2-3 new posts every day, including company announcements posted by HR, Shoutouts introducing new joiners, and Kudos recognizing their people’s milestones and achievements. Bob has boosted engagement at Extreme Reach, creating a much warmer and collaborative work environment for everyone. 

As Amanda Neri, Human Resources Director, explains, “We wanted something that our people would actually use. We get so much amazing feedback from our employees about Bob. Every time I talk to someone, they tell me how much they love Bob and talk about Bob like he’s a member of our HR team. It’s the talk of the town around here.” 

With their people working from around the world and many working from home due to COVID, Bob has become the go-to place for company news and enables Extreme Reach’s people to interact with each other from near and far. It’s so popular that there were 3,000 unique interactions in Bob during March—a testament to its popularity and how much it contributes to life at Extreme Reach. 

“We wanted something that people would actually use. When we looked at other systems, UKG, SAP, it felt like a solution that gave you everything you wanted but didn’t leave anything for the user. It gave us a lot from the HR perspective, but it didn’t really give anything for the user perspective.”
Amanda NeriHuman Resources Director at Extreme Reach

Finding a user-friendly performance management tool 

Extreme Reach had been using a point solution for running performance, but after running several cycles, saw that it didn’t serve their needs. After deciding to implement Bob, they wanted to use it to run their upcoming performance review cycle, which meant going live within 90 days. This was no small feat, as they had purchased Bob’s full suite of features and wanted to launch Bob with everything in place.

Live in 90 days, ready for the next performance cycle

HiBob’s implementation manager worked with Extreme Reach to ensure that they met their deadline and had them up and running, ready for their next performance cycle. 

Running their first performance review process in Bob was very successful, with 97% of their people completing their self-reviews, and everyone at Extreme Reach found its interface to be very user-friendly. HR loved Bob’s flexibility enabling them to add and change reviewers even after launching the cycle, something they couldn’t do with their previous performance tool. Extreme Reach’s managers loved the side-by-side view allowing them to see their people’s self-evaluations and peer reviews when filling out their reviews and provide more balanced feedback. Finally, Extreme Reach’s people enjoyed the process, which they felt provided a positive and empowering experience. They especially liked the smiley faces used in Bob as a 5-point scale for responding to questions. This added a light-hearted touch to the performance review process and contributed to providing a fun and friendly experience for all.

How Extreme Reach saves hours in data entry and boosts company-wide engagement with Bob - ER_element.png

Main takeaways

  • A 90-day implementation allowed Extreme Reach to run their next performance review cycle in Bob.
  • Replaced multiple point solutions with Bob, creating consistent processes for their people across 49 sites. 
  • Saved hours of admin time and streamlined HR processes by integrating Bob into their tech stack. 
  • Boosted employee engagement through Bob’s social-media-like homepage. 
  • Created a positive, flexible, and data-driven performance management process that HR, managers, and employees love.