ManyPets is a disruptor in the pet insurance space, dedicated to making the world a better place for pets and their parents. They have also won several prestigious awards, including the 2022 Silver Stevie Awards for Employer of the Year in Insurance and DE&I. Over the past few years, the company has seen exponential growth, scaling from 30 to over 600 employees in three global locations (London, Atlanta, and Stockholm) while also moving to a remote-first model. As ManyPets grew, it became clear that the simple local HRIS they had been using wasn’t sufficient for their needs. They wanted to find a powerful, scalable, and user-friendly HR platform that could help them automate HR, provide real-time people data, integrate with their favorite tech tools, and serve as their single source of truth. They found all that and more in Bob.

Founded in
London, UK
What they do
Pet insurance
In a nutshell
ManyPets is an award-winning pet insurance company covering over 500,000 pets worldwide and offering unique policy features that help keep cats and dogs happy and healthy.


What they do
Pet insurance

“We use Bob for document storage. When you grow quickly, you can end up with info all over the place, such as in Slack, Dropbox, and emails. Having a central repository to pinpoint and point people in the right direction for policies, guidelines, and information is super helpful.
Julia IngallChief People OfficerManyPets

Easing onboarding and improving the employee experience

When they were a small company, ManyPets’ people team used Trello to track onboarding for their new starters. They gave each person a designated card and pulled the card through different stages according to where they were in the onboarding process. However, as the company grew and had numerous people onboarding simultaneously, they started losing track of where each person was in the process. They realized that they needed a better solution.

Using Bob, the ManyPets people team has built detailed onboarding workflows with automated tasks for their tech team, finance, and managers that ensure a smooth onboarding process for their people. They also use eSign, Bob’s electronic signature tool, to send out important documents such as new starter, maternity leave, and pension forms, making remote signing a breeze. 

ManyPets also use Bob to store all of their company docs, providing an easily accessible location for valuable information on benefits, policies, or how to perform a specific process. Whereas before, they stored their docs in numerous places, such as Dropbox, Slack, and within emails, now everything is in Bob, enabling their people to find what they need and self-serve.

Streamlining HR and empowering a remote workforce 

During the pandemic, ManyPets moved to a remote-first working model and decided to make it permanent after surveying their people. With this new working model in place and their people working from three countries, ManyPets understood that they needed to streamline their processes and find ways to empower their people. 

The company wanted to support a performance culture at ManyPets, so they launched a program called “Thrive,” which uses Bob’s goals to set personal goals for their people and track progress. As part of the program, managers and their direct reports have a quarterly check-in where they discuss the goals and record the conversation in Bob. This new initiative has motivated their people to take ownership of their tasks and has encouraged open dialogue between managers and their teams, keeping them aligned and up-to-date on company projects.

ManyPets’s workflow integrations

Bob has also helped the ManyPets people team streamline their daily admin tasks, saving them time and effort. During a recent reorg, the people team used Bob’s Org Chart to look up people across the organization and understand who reports to who, which proved invaluable. Plus, the tedious process of preparing for payroll is now seamless using Bob’s Time Off and Payroll Hub. Their people now use Bob for requesting time off, so the data is readily available for the people team. Plus, Bob integrates with PayFit, their payroll system for the UK, syncing all monthly payroll changes for their UK-based employees and saving them two working days a month. 

Bob supports ManyPets as a remote-first company in myriad ways—from creating a seamless remote onboarding experience and providing an accessible repository for company docs to inspiring a goal-oriented culture for their people working near and far. Their people team and their people just love it.

“Using Bob, people seem to understand more about our processes, which is important when you’re remote-first. When you work in the office, you can learn small things, such as how to put in expenses and carry over holiday days from the people around you, but this is more difficult when working from home. With Bob, it’s all in there, so even if they forget, you can redirect them to it.
Jennifer BrindlowPeople Coordinator at ManyPets

Main takeaways

  • ManyPets has automated onboarding with Bob’s workflows, saving time and ensuring no detail is overlooked.
  • As a remote-first company, ManyPets benefits from using Bob’s eSign tool during onboarding and throughout the employee lifecycle. 
  • ManyPets uses Bob as a central repository for their company docs, keeping everything in one place and easily accessible for their people.
  • Bob’s goals support ManyPet’s performance culture and keep their people motivated.
  • Using Bob’s integration with PayFit, ManyPets’ People team saves two hours per month.