Gone are the days when being an employee meant going to the office five days a week. The modern workplace has embraced more flexible working models, including the hybrid work model and remote-first working model, enabling today’s workforce to divide their time between working from home and in the office or working exclusively from home, promoting better work-life balance. 

Why you need a remote employee management toolkit

While working remotely has many advantages, such as increased flexibility, no commute, and the freedom to work in your pajamas, there’s also a downside. It can be challenging for remote-first companies to efficiently manage their remote teams and provide their people with the same feeling of belonging as when working together in a physical office. 

Companies can overcome these difficulties by investing in tools designed for remote teams. These remote work tools include human capital management systems, collaboration tools for remote teams, tools for remote learning and development, and more. A remote management toolkit enables you to seamlessly manage different processes for your remote employees while providing an engaging employee experience. 

Building your remote employee management toolkit

There are lots of remote working tools available that cover a wide range of processes. When considering remote team tools, look for options that simplify complex processes, are easy to use, increase focus and productivity, boost collaboration, and integrate seamlessly with each other, offering a streamlined working experience. 

To help you out, we’ve handpicked eight of our favorite tools for managing remote employees, and what’s more, they all integrate seamlessly with each other. Want to build your remote employee management toolkit? Let’s go!

HiBob for remote human capital management  

HiBob’s platform Bob is an HCM for managing all the people in your organization, including remote, hybrid, or full-time in the office. Simplify day-to-day HR tasks by creating automated workflows that ensure no detail is missed and save valuable time. Use Bob’s employee engagement and collaboration tools to build a warm company culture for your people. 

Bob is a single source of truth for your employee data and includes easy-to-use HR analytics to gain insights about your people. Bob also has tools for managing the entire employee lifecycle, from onboarding to performance management to compensation management and workforce planning, plus integrations with the leading tech tools and payroll providers, helping you create seamless processes across your organization. 

360Learning for training remote employees 

Need a remote learning tool for upskilling and training your people working remotely? 360Learning is a collaborative learning platform where companies can upskill their people by turning their experts into champions for employee, customer, and partner growth. 360Learning uses AI and collaborative features for employee onboarding, compliance training, frontline staff training, and customer training for your people working near and far. 

TravelPerk for business travel and bringing remote teams together

Want to bring your remote teams together for team building and collaboration? TravelPerk, the all-in-one travel platform for business travel, makes it easy. TravelPerk offers various travel and expense management services in one unified platform, including spending limits and travel policies. With TravelPerk, you can track expenses and reports from user-friendly dashboards, get actionable insights based on accurate travel data, easily enforce travel policies, streamline approval processes, and track expenses in one dashboard. TravelPerk includes a state-of-the-art booking platform, 24/7 customer support, and the world’s most extensive travel inventory of cars, trains, hotels, and flights. 

Slack for remote team collaboration and communication

There’s no tool like Slack for remote team collaboration and communication. Slack is an instant messaging platform developed for professional and organizational communications for quick and easy collaboration with your peers, team, or the entire organization. Increase productivity company-wide by creating different channels for your teams and projects, enabling your people to collaborate faster, more efficiently, and securely. 

Greenhouse for hiring remote workers

Are you looking for an ATS to help you hire the best people, be mindful of DEI&B, and provide a winning candidate experience? Look no further than Greenhouse. Greenhouse enables you to make better hiring decisions with structured interview kits and scorecards that remove the risk of unconscious bias. Recruit and onboard remote workers easily and provide new hires with an engaging experience from the get-go.

Gable for employee engagement in remote workspaces

If your company is made up of distributed teams, you need Gable. Gable helps you to source, book, and manage remote workspaces for your distributed teams without worrying about long-term leases. Find workspaces for your people to collaborate and connect, including hot desks, dedicated desks, conference rooms, and event spaces, and view insights and data on a single dashboard. With Gable, your people can search and book a spot in a local workspace in 26 countries worldwide, and you can simply keep track of where they are.

ADP for remote workers’ payroll management

ADP is one of the largest payroll software companies in the world, supporting the complexities of global payroll for your multi-national, hybrid, and remote employees. With ADP, you can reduce costly tax and compliance errors and empower all levels of your organization with payroll insights. ADP supports payroll in companies of all sizes and offers additional HR tools that help you manage the people in your organization, including HR management, talent, benefits, and more. 

Globalization Partners for Employer of Record services

Want to expand your business globally but without setting up local entities? Globalization Partners is the world’s leading Global Employment Platform™ and employer of record that helps employers hire anyone, anywhere, legally, without setting up international branches or subsidiaries. Gain access to global talent using Globalization Partners’ AI-enabled, automated, and compliant platform, and onboard team members remotely, with no risk. Globalization Partners’ payroll features help customers determine how to compensate their workers throughout the world and offer competitive benefits that meet local norms.  

Provide the best tools for remote working 

Remote working is here to stay. Give your remote workers the best employee experience by providing the best remote working tools that address the challenges of remote work and improve virtual team management. Choose tools that are easy to use, address your remote work management pain points, and integrate seamlessly with one another. Your remote workers will thank you.

Ruth Stern

From Ruth Stern

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