Attrition: How to identify your high-risk employees - Identify-attrition-risk_-Global-image.png

Attrition: How to identify your high-risk employees

Employee attrition impacts companies in several ways. It lowers morale, reduces productivity, and can negatively impact company culture. It also incurs high costs, including the cost of recruiting and costs associated with onboarding and training. Attrition is of particular concern for HR leaders today, as the “Great Resignation” has seen the largest turnover in 20 years.   According to Employee Benefit News, the average total cost to replace a single employee is equivalent to 33 percent of their annual salary. For all these reasons and more, companies should aim to limit…

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Payroll Hub: Making payroll simple - Simplify-payroll_-Global-image-1.png

Payroll Hub: Making payroll simple

Every company needs to run payroll to pay employees for their work. It’s so crucial that payroll software is often the first software that a company buys. Payroll can either be managed in-house using payroll software or outsourced to external companies such as payroll bureaus. However your company manages its payroll, it’s responsible for ensuring that all employees get paid the right amount and at the right time. Payroll is a time-consuming process as no two payroll cycles are the same. Every cycle requires changes to be made, like adding…

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Payroll integrations

Four reasons why your HRIS should integrate with your payroll system

If you are a modern mid-sized company, you are likely using both an HRIS for managing your people and processes and a payroll system for managing payroll. This is great—but these two systems should not work in silos.

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How goal-setting in bob empowers employees to succeed - Goal-setting-for-success_-Global-image-1.png

How goal-setting in bob empowers employees to succeed

When we set ourselves a goal, both in our personal and professional lives, we actively plan to achieve something. The more seriously we take the goal, and the more planning involved, the more likely we will follow it to completion. In psychology, goal-setting is an essential tool for self-motivation and achievement. Goal-setting is also associated with higher levels of self-confidence, self-esteem, and independence.

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CHROs making an impact

5 ways new CHROs can make an impact at work

A new CHRO has the power to drive change and make a meaningful impact at their new place of work, especially in areas that may not have been prioritized before.

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Your voice

Your Voice: Why your company needs to provide a safe space for employees

In today’s modern workplace, HR leaders are responsible for ensuring that all employees feel happy and safe. Your employees may be silently suffering at work but not speaking up for fear of losing their jobs. They may have personal or general concerns regarding DE&I, harassment, or wellbeing in the workplace. They may feel singled out, overlooked, or have a specific complaint to lodge against a manager or colleague’s misconduct. Or, they may be privy to sensitive information regarding illegal or unsafe activity within the company but don’t know where to…

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Industry Spotligh: Companies going public

Five HR analytics for public companies and those filing for IPO

The long road to IPO requires determination, innovation, and an understanding of these five HR metrics that speak volumes about the health and viability of your company.

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Performance mapping in bob

How to use performance mapping as part of your performance management program

The 9-box model is effective for identifying high performers. But getting a clear picture of each employee’s strengths and potential requires digging a little deeper. Take a look at performance mapping done right.

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company branding

Why branding your HRIS boosts engagement

We're thrilled to share that we've added company branding to bob. Customize bob’s look and feel with your company colors, logo, and background images and transform your HRIS into a company-branded experience for your employees.

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5 HR challenges in multinational companies

5 HR challenges for companies going global

Global companies have unique challenges, such as adhering to the local laws and regulations and building a cohesive culture among employees working in different countries.

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Cyber Security

5 HR challenges for cybersecurity companies

HR in the cybersecurity industry faces several challenges, particularly regarding hiring talent, diversity and inclusion, and the gender pay gap. Here's how to solve them.

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Measuring company growth

Growth rate: Is your company healthy?

Is your company growing? When you review your headcount over time, are there more employees that are leaving than joining? To answer this, you need to measure your company’s growth rate.

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Industry Spotlight_ Gaming

5 HR challenges for gaming companies

While a very lucrative industry, there are several challenges that HR leaders face, particularly regarding employee satisfaction, attrition, and retention. Get our insider tips on how to create a workforce of happy, fulfilled employees.

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The importance of learning and development for your company culture - learning-and-development-_Blog-post-1.png

The importance of learning and development for your company culture

Learning and development (L&D) is a specialized HR function, empowering employees to gain skills to drive their business performance and, ultimately, their company’s performance. Learning and development programs include: Skill-based trainingCourses and seminarsConferences Learning and development is an essential part of the employee lifecycle which helps employees feel empowered and creates opportunities for growth in the workplace. Let’s discuss: The connection between learning and development and employee satisfactionHow learning and development can increase retentionIncorporating learning and development into company cultureHow to support employee learning and development using bob  The importance…

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7 best HR podcasts to follow in 2021 - Best-HR-podcasts-Blog-post-1-1.png

7 best HR podcasts to follow in 2021

As we head towards the end of 2020, HR managers have risen to the occasion as key players in helping their people and organizations navigate the ever-increasing challenges that have arisen in the workplace due to COVID-19. As the world of work changes and we learn to define the new normal, we need to stay up-to-date on best practices, news, and trends. Want to stay on top of your HR game? Check out the seven HR podcasts that we recommend that you follow in 2021. Plug in your headphones, choose…

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