Skills Gap Analysis Template: Identify Training and Recruitment Needs

Closing the divide: Skills gap analysis template

Use this skills gap analysis to assess whether or not the skills of your current…

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Top 5 HR Goals And Objectives For 2024

Top 5 HR goals for 2024

These five HR industry goals serve as guiding principles to help global HR leaders like…

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The 5 kinds of HRIS

Types of HRIS systems

Here is an overview of the five types of HRIS software and what kinds of…

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Nucleus Research: Oviva Achieves a 301% ROI with HiBob - Nucleus-ROI-BobxOviva_Lobby-image.png

Nucleus Research: Oviva Achieves a 301% ROI with HiBob

Oviva avoided additional administrative hires, increased the productivity of new hire onboarding, and reduced employee…

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30 HR Manager Interview Questions To Ask Candidates

30 interview questions for an HR manager position

Recruiting the right candidate for a job can be challenging, especially when the open position…

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Core HR Software and the Game-Changing Reasons You Need It

Drive business success with Core HR at the center of your tech stack

Core HR isn’t just about data management—it’s about drawing on centralized information to create a…

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HR Department Structure

Everything you need to know about HR department structures

The structure of the HR department and how well it functions directly impact the entire…

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ZeroNorth lobby image

Efficiency, flexibility, and supporting a global workforce. Why ZeroNorth switched to Bob.

Founded in 2020, ZeroNorth has experienced exponential growth in three years—including several M&As and opening…

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The best of Bob 2023

Building the exceptional: The Best of Bob in 2023

Our 2023 roadmap theme was “Building the exceptional,” highlighting our dedication to continuously go above…

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Why “Lazy Girls” Might Just Be Your Brightest Talent

“Lazy girl jobs”: What if we’re thinking about it all wrong?

“Lazy girl” team members might actually be your highest performers.

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What Is Job Rotation?

What is job rotation?

Job rotation is a form of internal mobility where team members move between different roles…

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What Is A Notice Period?

What is a notice period?

There are a few types of notice periods since they differ based on employment circumstances.

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IDH lobby image

How IDH uses Bob to boost engagement, plan their workforce, and test new global processes

As a small company, IDH managed HR using a simple HR platform and spreadsheets. However,…

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HR calendar

Your ultimate HR holiday calendar: Key dates for your team in 2024

Stay ahead of the curve with our HR annual calendar.

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Tackling the Challenges of IHRM

8 HR challenges multi-national companies face (and how to solve them)

In today’s dynamic work landscape, multi-national HR teams face a seemingly ever-growing list of complexities.

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