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Yokoy is an intelligent spend management platform, trusted by modern finance teams to streamline invoices, expenses, and payments. Powered by AI and machine learning, Yokoy automates up to 95% of manual processes to help transform how companies spend, by transforming how people spend their time.

Designed to sit at the heart of the modern finance tech stack, Yokoy integrates with invoicing, travel, expense, and other enterprise finance tools to enable end-to-end automation and give complete visibility to finance leaders. With its customizable workflows, Yokoy enables companies to streamline operations across multiple entities, helping to ensure they comply with a complex network of country-level regulations, while continuing to increase speed, and reduce the time spent on costly, manual tasks.

Key Features:

AI-powered Expense and Invoice solutions

  • Automatically captures, verifies and ensures appropriate authorisation.
  • Reduces manual work and errors while maintaining compliance with country-level regulations and a company’s policies.
  • By extracting and validating key information including VAT from invoices and expense claims, compliance is maintained, and the risk of processing delays is reduced.

Pay solution with Smart Lodge Cards

  • Enables central control of all business travel expenses via a single card and Debit cards which can be issued to employees.
  • Automatically captures all transaction details, ensures any spend is in line with company policy, and reconciles transactions and expenses.
  • This approach provides central control and oversight and reduces the need for teams to chase missing receipts or deal with out-of-policy expenses.



HiBob’s integration with Yokoy’s expense solution streamlines processes, ensuring accuracy and policy compliance. It automates data synchronization, enforcement of expense policies, and approval workflows, saving time and reducing errors. Businesses gain enhanced visibility through comprehensive reporting and analytics, while employees enjoy a seamless experience with convenient expense submission directly from the HiBob platform.

How the integration works:

The integration facilitates the transfer of comprehensive master data from HiBob to Yokoy. This includes essential information such as employee names, email addresses, and the respective line manager details. By seamlessly integrating these datasets, Yokoy is equipped with accurate and up-to-date information, enabling smooth and efficient expense management processes.


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