What is Ramp?

Ramp is a corporate card and spend management platform designed to help HR and finance teams save time and money.

Why Ramp?

  • Ramp integrates with Hibob to help companies of all sizes automate employee onboarding, issue benefits, and control spend at scale as your business grows.
  • With Ramp you can: 
    • Simplify onboarding and import thousands of users from Hibob system, lock cards and terminate users at will. 
    • Streamline cardholders across HR, IT, and Finance Operations and bulk-issue card programs at scale.
    • Keep employee data accurate and let Ramp automatically sync employee details from Hibob.

What solutions does it provide/ Key features and modules

      • Import thousands of users from your Hibob and keep your company hierarchy up-to-date. 
      • Automatically map users to expense categories, departments, locations and more. 
      • Issue benefits to new employees automatically with customized card programs. 
      • Manage recurring cards with limits that reset daily, weekly, monthly, or annually.
      • Restrict what categories and vendors employees are allowed to spend on. 
      • Lock cards and change ownership when employees change roles or leave the company

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