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Corporate cards, account payables, expense claims and team budgets, easily integrated with your accounting system. Collect 98% of receipts automatically, close the books 4x faster, and get 100% visibility over your operational spend.

Most solutions are focusing on only one aspect of spend management (accounting or receipt collection or exports). We’ve combined smart payment methods with even smarter financial software to create the perfect company spending solution.

Key features:

  • Company cards (virtual & physical)
  • Expenses & invoices management (OCR)
  • Personalized approval processes
  • Budgets reports
  • Accounting automation

Reduce time to onboard all a companies users and start using Spendesk!

HiBob will send data to Spendesk to securely onboard all employees in less than 10 minutes. Get the flexibility to choose who is added. When a new employee is added to HiBob, they will automatically appear in Spendesk with enough data populated to get them using Spendesk; email address, contact details (mobile), bank account details.

And easily offboard when they leave!

  • Increase **customer happiness**
  • Save time by automating user management
  • Avoid the risk of having former employees on Spendesk
  • Reduce **time to onboard** all a companies users and start using Spendesk!

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