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Rydoo is a best-in-class expense management solution, saving time and frustrations for your finance team and employees while improving forecasting and analysis. 


Rydoo is an integrated solution that streamlines the entire business travel and expense process with add-ons such as ERP Integrations, Insights & Reporting, and Audits. With Rydoo, employees can now capture and submit expenses on the go whilst giving finance teams full visibility on the total cost of expenses.


With over 1 million happy users from over 160 countries, Rydoo enables companies to be in control, fully automated,  locally compliant in multiple countries, and eliminate inefficient expense reports.


Key Features:

  • Be in Control – Rydoo takes away all the frictions and stress to do with expenses. Finance leaders can focus on more important tasks knowing that everything is controlled automatically, the finance team is unburdened of manual tasks, and expenses are compliant.
  • Extensive Local Compliance – Rydoo makes it easy to follow local rules and regulations for all your employees when submitting, approving, or declaring expenses. No matter what those baffling Per Diems, UK mileage rules, German 3-month regulations, or French carte grise are to you.
  • Ease of Use – Rydoo was designed with one goal in mind: to have you spend the least amount of time possible in it. Meet the one business tool you and your employees will love.
  • Eliminate Expense Reports – Simply put, line-by-line expensing means submitting and approving expenses as they incur, aligning the process with current expense behaviour. With line-by-line expensing, organisations say goodbye to building expense reports and simplify the process.
  • Handle Expenses on the go – Snap pictures of your receipts when you get them. Rydoo technology reads them in seconds and stores them safely for years. Retrieve your receipt whenever you need it.


The HiBob x Rydoo integration automates the synchronisation of employee data between your HCM platform, Bob, and spend management system. This process includes a sync of:

  • Employees’ data from HiBob to Rydoo
  • Assignment of cost centers
  • Assignment of supervisors

Data is updated automatically to ensure accuracy, meaning:

  • Automatic user creation: New users created in HiBob will automatically be created in Rydoo.
  • Daily synchronisation ( overnight ): Changes made in Bob, such as the assignment of supervisors or cost centers,will also take place in Rydoo
  • No technical knowledge required: Rydoo takes care of the maintenance and mapping updates.

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