Partner Overview

Xoxoday (Empuls) enables a holistic engagement approach that brings together connection, alignment, empowerment, motivation, and well-being. Organizations modernizing their engagement and recognition initiatives with Empuls benefit from great company culture, enhanced employee EX, and higher levels of motivation, which lead to improved employee productivity, happiness, and retention.

Single platform to consolidate engagement initiatives – brings down costs and eliminates data siloes
AI-based nudges and automation – saves time and lets your team do more with less
Integrations with popular tools – drives engagement in the flow of work without the hassles of switching between multiple apps
A platform that can scale with your growth – features to power a global engagement strategy for distributed teams

Key features:

  • Recognition, Rewards, and a Global Reward Marketplace
  • Comprehensive Perks & Benefits
  • Surveys, Feedback, Quizzes & Analytics
  • Social Intranet & Community Groups
  • Employee Communication
  • Employee Surveys
  • Perks & Benefits
  • Early wages, loans, and tax-saving benefits

The Xoxoday (Empuls) & HiBob integration helps to reduce the onboarding time and eliminate manual efforts for all Empuls clients using HiBob HRMS.

This is a DIY integration. The admin can simply provide the HiBob service user ID and user token to sync the user data with Empuls. Once the integration setup is done, user data will be updated in Empuls daily without any manual intervention.

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