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Peakon: A whole new way to listen to employee feedback.

Most employee engagement tools just collect feedback. With Peakon Employee Voice, you get a fully integrated intelligent listening platform that helps you tune in to the voice of the employee and put insights to work. Rapid changes in the world of work require more than ad hoc surveys. An intelligent employee voice platform not only gives employees an active role in their development, it helps leaders identify programs that boost company-wide engagement.

With Peakon, you can foster belonging by measuring and understanding sentiment in real time – championing employee success, increasing engagement, and uplifting overall performance.

  • Surface non-intrusive opportunities for feedback
  • Enable confidential employee-manager conversations
  • Track engagement to core KPIs for better decision-making
  • Predict attrition to minimize disruption.


Connecting Peakon to HiBob will allow for automatic syncing of your employee data between HiBob and Peakon, meaning your employee list stays current. All employee updates made on HiBob will be synced over to Peakon automatically. For more information on the data fields that will be sync’d and how to activate this integration see technical support below.


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