Partner Overview

WorkFlex supports HR and Global Mobility departments in managing travel compliance with software (e.g., during a business trip or workation), by evaluating all risks and implementing the required compliance measures. With WorkFlex, you can automate the travel compliance process with easy-to-use software that offers a no-risk guarantee.

Key Features:

  • Business Travel Compliance
  • Workation Compliance (“Workation as a Benefit”)

The integration of WorkFlex & HiBob makes travel compliance easier, more efficient and more cost-effective, by eliminating all the repetitive administrative work, which is often done by expensive lawyers.

How the integration works:

WorkFlex syncs employee information coming from HiBob (e.g., nationality and social security number) to run demographic, geographic, and legal information through its risk assessment and implements a compliance solution (e.g., by registering an employee at the destination authority and receiving a legal certificate for work entitlement in the destination country).

Contact Technical Support via email ([email protected]) or directly in WorkFlex’s in-app help center.

To connect HiBob to Workflex, follow the integration user guide, and the integration setup tutorial.

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