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Navan is the all-in-one solution that makes travel easy so you can focus on being there, not getting there.

Say goodbye to spending hours on the phone trying to change your flight or saving stacks of receipts to manually input expenses. From EAs and finance teams to travel managers and employees, Navan empowers people to focus on the things that matter most to them — all while providing companies with real-time visibility, savings, and control.

Legacy T&E solutions are NOT designed for the people that use them. Navan is the first all-in-one travel, corporate card, and expense management platform that’s built for the people that use it.

Key features:

  • Travel Management
  • Expense Management
  • Corporate Cards
  • Group Meetings and Events
  • VIP Travel
  • Virtual Purchase Cards
  • Personal Travel

Speed up onboarding and configure a customer’s user list in Navan directly with the HiBob integration. Automatically sync new users in Navan that join your organization and keep user details continuously updated across HiBob and Navan.

The integration automates user management by automatically syncing new users in HiBob to Navan and keeping user data up-to-date across systems with configurable syncs.

High-level overview:

  • Turn-key and self-serve integration configuration
  • Option to create a custom mapping for some of the fields between Navan and HiBob or use default settings
  • Configure timing for user syncs and user communication settings
  • Users are synced every 24 hours since the moment the integration is setup

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