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TravelPerk has packed business travel into an all-in-one travel platform which gives travelers the freedom they want whilst providing companies with the control they need — saving time, money, and hassle for everyone!

TravelPerk customers enjoy full control and visibility. With the TravelPerk tool, you can track expenses and reports from user-friendly dashboards and receive just one invoice or expense report instead of hundreds. With their cutting-edge technology, you can also get actionable insights based on accurate travel data, easily enforce travel policies, streamline approval processes, and track how much money is being spent per stakeholder, whether that’s per department, team, or trip, all in one place. Plus, the people behind the platform help them outshine other travel tools. The travel experts of their Customer Care team, made of people, not bots, are available 24/7 to help you with anything you need. How’s that for peace of mind?

What else is unique about TravelPerk? Well, you can…

  • Put safety first: Receive real-time updates for any travel risks before & during your trip.
  • Go fully flexible: Change or cancel any aspect of your trip at the click of a button! Get at least 80% of your money back—no questions asked.
  • Offset your carbon footprint: Turn your corporate travel program green and reduce your carbon footprint by offsetting 100% of your business travel carbon emissions. Get real-time, actionable information on your company’s carbon impact.

Key features:

  • World’s largest travel inventory – including cars, trains, hotels, flights
  • All-human 24/7 (free) customer travel support
  • State-of-the-art booking platform
  • One company invoice and payment method
  • Travel policies and approvals

The integration between TravelPerk and HiBob automatically syncs employees’ data, department, and trip approval flow into TravelPerk. HR and/or Travel managers no longer need to manually push any data between the two platforms saving time and ensuring complete data accuracy. The TravelPerk integration gives admins back valuable time to reinvest in what really matters…your people!

Within a few clicks, it is possible for a user with admin access to HiBob and TravelPerk to connect the two platforms enabling the automatic provision of user-profiles into TravelPerk. This automated process eliminates human error which can be associated with manual upload of users. The process also saves time as travel approval workflows can also be automated factoring in new starters/leavers and internal moves without having to manually change anything in TravelPerk.

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