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FREENOW for Business is the leading provider of business travel, employee mobility benefits and client travel solutions for over 30,000 companies. With the strong backing of BMW Group and Mercedes-Benz Group AG, FREENOW for Business have established a prominent presence in 9 countries and over 150 cities across Europe. FREENOW’s comprehensive multi-mobility platform is designed to prioritise the needs of employees, clients and the environment, offering a range of sustainable travel options. FREENOW’s intuitive desktop Admin Panel seamlessly integrates with the user-friendly FREENOW app, streamlining administrative tasks and reducing costs.

FREENOW is the Super Mobility App in Europe. We allow Ride Hailing, Car Sharing & Rentals, Public Transport, Long Distance Travel, Bike Leasing, Fuel & Charge, Entertainment, Parking & Mobility Services all within one card, our Employee Benefits Card.

A mobility budget benefits employers by reducing costs, improving employee satisfaction and productivity, promoting sustainable transportation, and enhancing the company’s image and ability to attract and retain talent.


With the FREENOW integration we make the life of the HR Manager easier by automating the onboarding process and managing one of the best employee benefits.

Enable employers to integrate HiBob on the admin panel, to automatically and effortlessly sync their employees into the FreeNow Business Account.

With the HiBob Integration the HR Managers will decrease the time spent in onboarding and managing their employees since they won’t need to upload one by one.

How the integration works:

  • User Provisioning: When you integrate HiBob and FREENOW Admin Panel software, new employees are automatically synced to the FREENOW for Business account when added in HiBob — for fast and streamlined onboarding.
  • Employee Lifecycle: Whenever employee data is updated in HiBob, it automatically updates in the Admin Panel, too. This ensures your employee information is always up-to-date.
  • User Deprovisioning: When employees leave the company, their respective FREENOW for Business account is automatically deactivated based on the termination date in HiBob.

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