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PayEm is a global procurement and spend management platform that automates finance processes from request to reconciliation.

By reducing friction and tedious tasks for finance & procurement teams, clients increase productivity, reduce risk, and lower operating costs to contribute to business growth.


PayEm helps finance and procurement teams drive business growth with one platform that automates processes and replaces siloed, legacy software. With PayEm you can automate everything from employee requests through reconciliation for total visibility and control over non-payroll spend. Built for multinational operations, the PayEm platform allows every subsidiary to have financial and accounting autonomy while enabling total transparency and visibility at the employee, department, or subsidiary level.


Key Features:

  • Spend Management
  • AP Automation
  • Custom Approval Workflows
  • Full P2P
  • Subsidiary Segregation
  • Mobile App
  • ERP and HRIS integrations

The integration allows you you add employees by default, without manual inputs. Our technology syncs to keep every detail fresh, ensuring approval flows are accurate, and employees have access to PayEm. Employees can request the funds they need to do their work from day 1 and finance teams can be confident their controls are met.


The HiBob integration also allows you to build complex spend management approval flows based on your organization. Automation can be setup for user management, based on employees roles such as direct managers, approvers, or role approvers.


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