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Manage all your equity on a single online platform – from seed to exit!

Capdesk helps European companies digitise, automate and simplify equity management. Put your equity in motion with Capdesk.

Capdesk is a dynamic cap table solution that saves you time and money. Unlike other solutions in Europe, Capdesk scales with your company: from administering your first funding round, to running secondary transactions, all the way through to transitioning to the public markets.


Key features:

  • A dynamic cap table that keeps your company ownership records accurate and secure
  • Complex scenario modelling capabilities, from round and exit modelling to waterfall analysis
  • End-to-end employee equity management including remote signing and witnessing with DocuSign – Support for reports and filings in all EU countries, with automatically generated reports for HMRC and Companies House in the UK

Save time updating employee records and issuing equity with Capdesk’s HiBob integration. Speed up the equity issuance process and reduce your risk of incorrect employee records with Capdesk and HiBob.


The integration allows users to set up a one-way sync between fields in HiBob and fields in Capdesk. The user may select which fields to map to each other between the two systems. There are two major use cases:

1) when the user wants to issue equity to new employees, they can import the employees from HiBob and save time manually entering their details in Capdesk.

2) when employee information changes, the user only needs to update it in HiBob and the change will register in Capdesk – this eliminates time spent updating both systems and the risk that Capdesk carries outdated employee information, which has implications for compliance, record-keeping and notifications from the platform.

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