Partner Overview

PwC’s payroll services adhere to the standards you would expect from one of the world’s leading accountancy and professional services organisations. We provide multi-territory fully managed payroll services to clients looking for an elevated service experience. Our ethos is that payroll is a service, supported by technology.

Key Features:

  • A single interface for every payroll globally
  • Real time payroll status visibility
  • Integrations with a wealth of other systems
  • Consistent standardised approval review reports
  • Security, Audit Logs, Full History
  • Calendars for every activity and payment deadline, in-built KPI monitoring and reporting

A seamless integration between HiBob and PwC means that our joint clients benefit from their single source of HR truth, feeding payroll data globally with minimal manual intervention. As well as reducing the overall cost of payroll activity globally, our clients maximise their return on investment into Bob.

How the integration works:

PwC Global Payroll Platform pulls data from Bob via a connection tailored to your organisation’s needs. All relevant data housed in Bob will be pulled across for each of your countries globally. We’ll use this data (plus anything you provide via manual file upload) to prepare your payrolls. Once approved, payslips and year end documents will be pushed back into Bob for your employees to view. This reduces manual effort, increases efficiency, reduces risk and strengthens compliance.

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