Partner Overview

CloudPay is defining the modern pay experience as a global payroll solution.

CloudPay’s global managed service connects all employee pay processes and teams across 130+ countries and 168 currencies, delivering compliant global payrolls, unmatched data analytics, modern payment services and pay on-demand with its award-winning technology.

CloudPay’s unified cloud solution processes all payrolls on a single, automated platform, delivering data visibility and control while reducing errors and total processing time.

  • Global expertise: Our international payroll experts are ready to help you handle every pay cycle with confidence
  • Realtime visibility: Monitor the right metrics with our advanced analytics toolset to analyze global-level performance
  • Seamless customer experience: Integration with HiBob provides seamless data exchange


Key features: 

  • Global Payroll: A single solution with real-time transparency
    • Automated integration – connecting HiBob customer data to CloudPay
    • Smart workflows & validation – standardizing payrolls and checking data accuracy
    • Analytics & reporting – advanced, customizable and real-time dashboards
    • Document Manager – repository for payroll data and documentation
    • Calendar – interactive calendar of customers’ payroll
    • Collaborate – built-in communication and ticketing system, along with our information Knowledge Base
  • Global Payments: Treasury services with new instant payments
  • Global Pay On-Demand: Giving employees pay flexibility as a benefit



The partnership between CloudPay and HiBob means customers can choose a best-in-class, unified solution for HCM and payroll. Through the integration, we pull employee master data for new hires and changes, payments and deductions data, and other key datasets needed for payroll processing. Companies leverage HiBob as their single source of truth for employee data and seamlessly pass data to the CloudPay payroll system using our state-of-the-art integration.

The standard CloudPay integration template establishes specific API calls to the customer’s HiBob instance to pull a specific dataset. This pre-defined format makes set-up faster and easier than a one-off integration.


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