Partner Overview

Global payroll and EOR, built to scale. Multiplier’s HR ops platform enables businesses to onboard, pay, and manage global talent in 150+ countries.

Maximize lifetime value – With Multiplier, you experience 360-degree benefits without having to discover requirements as you go.

Person-to-person support – 24×7 human-led support, exclusively assigned employee success managers, and implementation that is industry-leading.

Globally compliant and locally relevant benefits – Each country is different. We’ve got local expertise, local pricing, while offering the same benefits everywhere globally.

Key Features:

  • Quick and Easy Onboarding – Onboard a candidate anywhere in over 150+ countries by generating compliant contracts in under 5 minutes.
  • Track Onboarding Progress – Get a better view of your team’s onboarding progress. It’s easy to track every step and plan for any onboarding delays.
  • Insurance and Benefits – Offer localised insurance plans for your employees and choose from a variety of plans in a cost-effective manner.
  • Payroll View – You can preview your entire payroll and stay informed throughout every stage of each pay cycle. Always accurate. Always on time.
  • Integrations – Connect Multiplier with HRIS tools to reduce manual tasks and have one source of truth.

Through the Multiplier and HiBob’s integration, you can access data the way you want and have a unified source of truth; You don’t need to scramble between 2 platforms to reconcile data and ensure a great employee experience in the process.

Key benefits of the integration between HiBob and Multiplier include:

  • Ease of Information Management
  • Improved Efficiency and Productivity
  • Efficient Employee Onboarding
  • Run Hassle-free Payroll

How the integration works:

Multiplier customers can connect with HiBob directly from their platform free of cost. They have an option to turn on sync for both EOR and Global payroll. Once connected, data between 2 platforms will be synced seamlessly at regular intervals.


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