Partner Overview

Ledgy is the modern equity management platform that takes your company further. Based in Europe and built for international teams, Ledgy has exactly what you need to manage equity at scale, stay compliant across jurisdictions, and effectively incentivise your team. We make equity work.

Key Features:

  • Centrally manage and monitor pools, plans and grants including international instruments: ESOP, VSOP, EMI, CSOP, growth shares, BSPCE, stock, RSUs, options, and warrants
  • Automate your equity workflows to easily handle large volumes of data and documents with maximum accuracy
  • Engage and align your team with intuitive dashboards that bring equity to life
  • Never miss a deadline with compliant HMRC and Companies house reports ready to export at any time
  • Account for equity under IFRS 2, instantly
  • Stay on top of equity as your workforce moves across borders with global mobility reporting
  • Secure your logins with SAML SSO and 2FA
  • Ledgy is ISO 27001 certified, with data only stored in Europe and full GDPR compliance

Save time updating employee records and issuing equity with the Ledgy and HiBob integration!


Key benefits:

  • Speed up the equity issuance process and reduce your risk of incorrect employee records.

  • Easily decide which properties in HiBob should sync to which fields in Ledgy

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