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Build your compensation strategy using the best set of private company salary & equity data to ensure you are compensating your team fairly and competitively.

Carta Total Comp is used by private companies to compare their salary and equity packages to market compensation rates, using real-time data from Carta’s private company equity compensation data set. Unlike other tools that rely on surveys and averages, Carta Total Comp takes a scientific approach to compensation bands using rigorous analysis and a broad set of peer data.

Key Features:

  • Benchmark: Harness the power of the most informed compensation recommendations for every role, level, and region.
  • Level: Keep your compensation fair and consistent with an automated and flexible job leveling system.
  • Plan: Create a compensation strategy that works for your whole team—wherever they are.
  • Communicate: Retain your top talent with total rewards statements.

Bob integrates with Carta Total Comp via Finch, allowing you to automatically export employee details to Carta upon events such as hire, employee update and termination.

The integration, via Finch connector, provides the following benefits:

  • Automatically benchmark compensation and level employees with Carta Total Comp
  • Access real time employee attrition and retention insights with Carta Total Comp
  • Flagging terminated employees: Employee terminations made in Bob appear as pending termination events in Carta
  • Flagging stakeholder updates: Employee profile updates made in Finch appear as pending stakeholder profile updates in Carta
  • Automatic and on-demand synchronization

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