Culture, beauty and knowledge. CLUBS

bob brings the human to HR. With clubs, you can understand and nurture the culture that exists in your business. Staff join together through shared interests. New starters get a greater sense of belonging before they even join your business. And it's a visual delight too.


From Airfix to Zumba: see, manage and engage with the things that your teams are most passionate about.


  • Sense of belonging from before the start
  • A vision of beauty - interactive insights
  • Early onboarding - available before joining
  • Create the best benefits

From the beginning BELONGING

With bob, it's all about sharing the love. Whether that's a love of cycling, chess or children, you can easily see who else shares your passion. New starters immediately understand what really makes their colleagues tick. It's a great way to make people feel a part of something bigger.

Beautiful cultural insights VISUALISATION

bob brings something bold and beautiful to HR software. Clubs is a dashboard that maps out your culture. It's highly visual with lots of different ways to view your people data. bob loves interesting facts and figures and, with clubs, we think you will too.

Reap the benefits ENGAGEMENT

With bob, you get a great view of what your people love. But it doesn't stop there. You can use the information in Clubs to decide what benefits to offer. Got a peloton of cyclists? Introduce a cycle-to-work scheme. Offering the right benefits means everyone is happy. Time for a victory dance.

The easy way ONBOARDING

With bob, new starters feel a sense of belonging as they find out more about their colleagues. Existing staff find out what they have in common with the newbie before their first day. bob makes teams stronger. And stronger teams make stronger companies.