Heroes is a tech startup based in London, with additional offices in Madrid and Barcelona, and people working remotely from Italy, Hong Kong, the US, and Germany. Back when they were a company of just 15 people working out of London, Heroes decided to implement an HRIS for storing their people data with a separate payroll system. However, after a short time, they realized that this setup didn’t serve their needs and growth plans. They wanted an HR platform that was global, flexible, scalable, and able to integrate with their favorite tech tools. They found Bob and fully onboarded in just one month.

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Heroes is a technology-driven e-commerce company that acquires, operates, and scales small and medium-sized brands with category-winning products on global marketplaces.


What they do

Finding a way to streamline HR

The Heroes HR team wasn’t happy with their HRIS as it wasn’t flexible and didn’t integrate with their favorite tech tools. As a small team, they were stretched to their limit and wanted to find a solution that could help them automate their processes and become more efficient.  

Increasing efficiency using Bob’s workflows and integrations

Using Bob, the Heroes HR team has transformed how they manage HR across the board. They now use streamlined workflows made up of tasks assigned to different stakeholders to replace the processes that they used to do manually. For example, in the past, when they onboarded new hires, there would be a lengthy email exchange between HR and new hires to collect relevant information, and then IT would manually add them to each of their work tools. Now, they simply trigger an onboarding workflow that contains all the steps for onboarding and assign them to different stakeholders. As part of this process, HR creates a new employee profile in Bob for every new hire, which they fill in independently, and which connects them to their work tools automatically through SSO provisioning. 

Using task lists has transformed Heroes’ onboarding journey and enables HR to seamlessly onboard several people simultaneously. One year ago, they could onboard just two people a month, and now they recently onboarded 10. 

The Heroes HR team also loves Bob’s integrations with their favorite work tools. From Slack to Greenhouse (ATS) to Payfit via Bob’s Payroll Hub, these integrations are crucial for streamlining their daily work and reducing risks of human error. “The integration between HiBob and Payfit has been a game-changer for us,” explained Chloe Gibbs, ​​HR Lead at Heroes. “Previously, we entered employee data in both Personio and our payroll system. It was causing major issues and inconsistencies. So having Bob and Payfit talk to each other has been groundbreaking.”

And, when asked to quantify the amount of time saved from using Bob’s onboarding workflows and payroll integrations, Chloe said they saved at least two working days a month.

“We needed an HRIS platform that integrates with our payroll, recruiting system, and NetSuite. Something that connects seamlessly with all of our tools and is also flexible. Our previous HRIS wasn’t flexible—we couldn’t add in our own fields, which is super important for a young company where your organizational structure will change over time.
Chloe GibbsHR Lead Heroes
Heroes’s workflow integrations

Getting started with performance management 

As a small company defining its processes, Heroes didn’t run performance reviews. However, as the company grew, they wanted to introduce a formal process that would enable them to review both performance and compensation.

Running 360-degree performance reviews using Bob

After implementing Bob, Heroes ran its first performance review cycle—a 360-degree performance review including self-reviews, peer-reviews, and reviews by managers. Heroes’ HR team found the process easy to set up and flexible for their needs. They started by asking their employees to fill out a self-review, followed by peer reviews, and then managers’ reviews, which included awarding an overall performance score. HR then set up calibration meetings between line managers and the company’s founders to review each person’s score and ensure consistency across the company. 

Performance review meetings were conducted between managers and their employees, both in-person and using Zoom for remote employees, to discuss their performance and ways to grow. 

Once they had completed the performance review process, Heroes ran a full compensation review using the performance scores and additional data from Bob that showed when each person last received a salary increase. With Bob, Heroes can take a holistic approach to the performance review process, incorporating valuable cross-platform employee data and taking multiple perspectives into account.

Both Heroes’ HR team and its people appreciate the simplicity and transparency of running performance and compensation reviews in Bob, and the company is now planning to scale up and implement additional talent tools such as goal-setting in the near future. 

Main takeaways

  • Heroes had implemented an HRIS, but after a short time saw that it couldn’t integrate with their payroll system and favorite tech tools, so they switched to Bob.
  • Heroes save two days a month using Bob’s workflows and integrations, significantly reducing their workload and enabling them to maintain a lean HR team.
  • Heroes have scaled significantly since implementing Bob, growing its headcount 43 percent in the past year.
  • Heroes ran its first performance and compensation review cycles using Bob, with positive feedback across the board from managers to employees.