WeTransfer is based in Amsterdam, with additional teams in LA, NY, Seattle, and London. The company is experiencing a period of dynamic global growth, with plans for further expansion during 2021. WeTransfer went live with bob in April 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic while all employees were working remotely. Since then, the company has pivoted to a hybrid organization, enabling its employees to choose where they work, whether from home or the office. The company now actively hires employees based anywhere between San Diego and Amsterdam.

Founded in
Amsterdam, Netherlands
200+ in 5 sites
What they do
Creative tools to move ideas
In a nutshell
Having made its name in quick and simple file-sharing, WeTransfer has grown into a collection of tools designed for and inspired by the creative process.

200+ in 5 sites

What they do
Creative tools to move ideas

The challenge: WeTransfer’s HR managers in Europe and the US were using different tools, hindering collaboration and knowledge sharing

WeTransfer’s HR team members working out of Amsterdam and Los Angeles used different tools for managing their people data and saved information on different servers. HR managers from the various locations did not have access to the same profiles, salaries, and histories, making it difficult to have one source of truth in the HR department. 

The solution: Bob as a centralized source of HR data

All HR data is now stored on Bob and fully accessible to all HR managers, wherever they are based. Bob has increased transparency and improved collaboration across HR, making them a more efficient team. Managers and team leads can also access relevant company data to make more informed hiring decisions and attract talent globally. Hiring and onboarding global team members is now as seamless as hiring local talent.

“There were multiple reasons why we implemented an HRIS… we were becoming a more data-driven company, and we wanted to automate processes such as onboarding and offboarding. But, our biggest pain point was not having an effective solution for monitoring time off. With different holidays and different working hours, our teams were having a hard time finding out who was working when.”
Taylor BarnhillHR Business PartnerWeTransfer

The challenge: WeTransfer sought an effective solution for tracking time off among employees working from different locations

The WeTransfer team used shared calendars for tracking time off, but with employees working from different locations, across time zones, and celebrating different national holidays, coordinating this information presented a considerable challenge. As a modern global company, HR realized that they needed a tool that could simultaneously manage several holiday calendars.

The solution: Configuring global holiday calendars and time-off policies with Bob  

Since implementing Bob, coordinating time off is seamless. Time Off is the most frequently used Bob feature for the WeTransfer team, giving HR, managers, and all employees clear information about who is working on site or from home, on leave, or sick, on any given day.  

The challenge: planning Bob’s implementation and launch remotely during the COVID-19 lockdown

WeTransfer’s HR team launched bob during the height of the COVID-19 lockdown when all employees were working remotely. For this reason, they were unable to provide employees with face-to-face support on how to use the Bob HRIS platform.

The solution: a seamless remote launch with Bob’s easy to use interface 

Before the launch, the HR team worked hard to upload all the people data and create all the HR policies and workflows within Bob. Each team member received instructions on how to join Bob, and then they simply got started with their employee record and engaging with each other with no questions asked. Bob’s ease of use has made everything much more efficient. With Bob, all employees have one unified experience, which helps to maintain WeTransfer’s company culture for all team members wherever they live and work. 

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Main takeaways

  • WeTransfer now has all HR data organized in one centralized system
  • Everyone on the HR team has access to the same information with complete transparency 
  • Bob enables WeTransfer’s HR team to be more data-driven and automate processes such as onboarding and offboarding
  • With Bob, HR can easily track employees’ time off across locations 
  • Bob enables WeTransfer to maintain its company culture even among remote and hybrid employees