As you enter into the New Year and begin to make quarterly travel and budget plans, consider adding industry events to the mix. Getting out of the office and joining a conference or tradeshow can provide great opportunities for networking as well as personal and professional development. In today’s highly connected world, in-person events offer added value for people at all levels of your organisation. This is especially true when it comes to the HR industry, where people are the heart and soul of any successful business.

From AI trends, recruitment, remote work, culture and performance, there are events out there for everyone and their specific interests. We’ve gathered a list of the top HR conferences of 2019 in North America and Europe to help you with your selection.

Don’t know where to start? We recommend checking agendas, speakers, and sponsors to decide if an event is right for you.

North America

1. Social Recruiting Strategies Conference

Date: January 30 – February 1

Location: San Francisco, CA

Good for: Recruiters looking to enhance the recruitment process through tools and technology.

2. Hiring Success 19

Date: February 26 – 27

Location: San Francisco, CA

Good for: Talent acquisition leaders interested in top trends around recruiting and hiring.

*Bonus: There’s a full day recruitment certification program offered by Certified Smart Recruiters.

3. People Analytics & Workforce Planning Conference

Date: March 5-7

Location: Miami, FL

Good for: Senior leaders looking for agile workforce planning tips to build their long-term talent strategy.

 4. Unleash America

Date: May 14-15

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Good for: Leaders, innovators, and influencers on the lookout for the right technologies and solutions for the Future of Work.

 5.  Employee Engagement Conference

Date: July 29-31

Location: Denver, CO

Good for: Welfare managers seeking practical tools and strategies to drive employee retention.

 6. LinkedIn Talent Connect

Date: September 25-27

Location: Dallas, TX

Good for: Leaders, innovators, and influencers in the talent space.

7. HR Technology Conference & Exposition

Date: Oct 1-4

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Good for: HR and IT executives on a quest to leverage technology and secure HR’s role as a pivotal component in their company’s overall success.

*Bonus: Check out the expo’s Women in HR technology Summit focused specifically on workplace challenges that affect women.

8. Strategic HR Forum

Date: October 27-29

Location: Boston, MA

Good for: HR leaders interested in the topic of workplace disruption.


 1. HRD Summit

Date: Feb 5-6

Location: Birmingham

Good for: Senior HR directors who want to dive into insights regarding leadership, engagement, talent, learning, and tech.

*Bonus: This is an award-winning event, standing out for their match meeting portal.

2. Unleash

Date: March 19-20

Location: London

Good for: C-Suite level decision makers searching for learning and networking opportunities on the future of work and technology.

*Bonus: Josh Bersin, an industry influencer, will be speaking at this event! (and Hibob will be in the audience)

3. HR CoreLab

Date: March 26-27

Location: Barcelona

Good for: Any HR professional curious about recruitment, talent analytics, and agility as it relates to the future of work.

4. Employee Engagement Summit

Date: May 10

Location: London

Good for: Welfare and happiness managers looking for new ideas around employee engagement, communication, and wellbeing.

5.  Sourcecon Europe

Date: May 21-22

Location: Amsterdam,

Good for: Sourcing experts on the search for a non-conventional convention covering talent acquisition challenges.

*Bonus: Don’t miss out on the Hackathon opportunity!

 6.  HR360 European Summit

Date: June 4-5

Location: Vienna

Good for: Industry leaders with a global mindset when it comes to the digital new world of work.

 7.  International HR Conference Barcelona

Date: October 4

Location: Barcelona

Good for: Startup professionals interested in AI and future of work trends.

8. Rethink! HR tech

Date: Nov 21-22 

Location: Berlin

Good for: CHROs & HR executives seeking networking and inspirational learning opportunities.

We hope this helps with your planning and sourcing. Here’s to an eventful year fueled by personal and professional growth for us all! Make sure to check out hibob’s webinars and events on a variety of topics that affect the HR community. 

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From Nora Stark

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