Today at HiBob, we’re excited to announce our strategic partnership with SmartRecruiters, a global leader in enterprise recruitment software. This integration allows our customers to close the gap between recruiting and onboarding, creating an exceptional candidate and employee experience. 

SmartRecruiters’ Talent Acquisition Suite is used by high-performance organizations to attract, select, and hire the best people. Built on a modern cloud platform, it has full functionality for recruitment marketing and collaborative hiring, with a product that hiring managers and recruiters love to use.

The HiBob and SmartRecruiters integration is a natural fit. We share the same vision: modern, global companies need to invest in the employee and candidate experience to stay competitive and scale. As a leading people-management platform, we understand the importance of creating products that can offer as delightful an experience as possible to the end-user.  

An integration for the entire employee lifecycle

The employee experience doesn’t begin on the first day of the job. People form an impression of a company in the pre-hiring phase, from the first moment a candidate interacts with a company’s careers page or job board. To stay competitive and create the best experience, companies need to invest in the recruitment phase as well as the onboarding phase. 

The integration with SmartRecruiters offers our customers a seamless transition from the hiring phase to the preboarding phase and throughout the employee lifecycle. In the early stages of the recruitment process, SmartRecruiters offers its suite of services to recruit and hire the best talent. Once a position is filled, the baton gets handed over to the Bob platform, where new employees are automatically added to the company’s profile. New hires can start updating their information on their employee profile, and playing around with the Bob platform even before their first day, getting a feel for the organization, culture, and future coworkers. Created for modern, high-growth companies, Bob’s innovative features, such as Shoutouts, preboarding workflows, and a dynamic Org Chart, make engaging with colleagues easy and inspiring.

By combining forces, HiBob and SmartRecruiters can offer an end-to-end solution for companies from the hiring stage to a team member’s first week on the job. The integration will allow organizations to attract and recruit exceptional talent and quickly get new hires up to speed on the role, the culture, and the organization at large. Leveraging SmartRecruiter’s vast recruiting marketplace ecosystem and Bob’s social connectivity, automated workflows, and goal and task setting tools, companies can ensure they make a strong first impression on their newest hires and that everyone feels supported. 

As companies increasingly turn towards remote and hybrid work, the need for seamless onboarding and social connectivity tools becomes mission-critical to ensure new hires feel like part of the team. With this integration, as soon as a candidate accepts an offer, they can start learning about what they’ve just signed up for, build excitement about the people they’ll be working with, and receive the tools to succeed while eliminating any bottlenecks in the process. We want to help companies keep that excitement and momentum going from the hiring phase through a candidate’s first day. 

As a customer of ours, whose employees use the Bob platform every day, SmartRecruiters understands the importance of great onboarding, exceptional employee experiences, and building a company culture that inspires passion and dedication. It’s about time we joined forces. 

Kandace Miller

From Kandace Miller

Kandace Miller is Head of Global Demand Gen at HiBob. Throughout her career, she has developed global marketing campaigns that have helped thousands of HR teams implement, and optimize their recruitment and HR tech. She plays an active role in helping HR professionals network and benchmark best practices. She resides in New York City with her husband, daughter, and larger-than-life mini poodle, Ace. In her free time, she composes classical music and recently performed at the Cannes Film Festival in France.