The modern workplace is changing. As companies adopt more flexible work models and recruit talent globally, HR leaders and managers need to double down on employee experience—ensuring everyone feels engaged, supported, and connected, no matter where they log on. 

Cassiopeia’s team has partnered with HiBob since the early days of Cassiopeia. We always felt a great connection to the people, HiBob’s leaders, the product values, and the company mission. 

That’s why I’m so excited to share that Cassiopeia has been acquired by HiBob.

Cassiopeia’s advanced technology will be added to the stack of features in the Bob platform, giving thousands of companies the tools they need to maximize collaboration and team potential in our increasingly remote and global world. 

Together, we aim to leverage our technology, helping people-centric companies grow their workforce and business in a dynamic, ever-changing landscape.

When we created Cassiopeia, we pulled from our own experiences managing and working in remote teams distributed across time zones. We know the difficulties in fostering collaboration and communication in flexible and hybrid work environments. We created Cassiopeia to help people leaders and managers improve team dynamics and communication, maximizing team potential. 

Cassiopeia analyzes team relationship patterns to deliver actionable insights (we do this without accessing communication content). Take, for example, the frequency of one-on-one meetings with managers.  Managers are at the center of team communication, productivity, and collaboration. In a remote workplace, manager check-ins take on a new level of importance in caring for employee mental health and ensuring employees feel supported.

Cassiopeia’s technology highlights to managers when it’s been a while since they had a one on one, helping them manage their relationships and communication.

Cassiopeia’s technology tracks progress against your team’s goals and offers recommendations and best practices to improve team dynamics, communication, and avoid burnout

The shift to flexible and hybrid work means that companies also need to invest in the right tools and technology to keep employees connected and help teams succeed. We’re thrilled to join HiBob and be a part of that solution for growing companies worldwide. With our technology integrated into Bob, we’ll offer more robust analytics for companies operating in the digital workplace by identifying teams’ interactions and providing actionable insights for better and more effective teamwork. 

Shiran Yaroslavsky

From Shiran Yaroslavsky

Shiran Yaroslavsky is the VP Product US at HiBob. She is the former CEO and Co-founder of Cassiopeia (acquired by HiBob), a startup that helps managers lead teams effectively with data. Shiran is a thought leader in people analytics and remote team leadership. She was featured in 2019 in Forbes’ 30Under30 list in Israel.