Last week we were at the HRD Summit, exploring how HR Leaders can harness human creativity to bring about the best in their people. The HRD Summit plays host to the most senior HR and business leaders on the globe. The 2020 Summit welcomed over 1,500 attendees. The theme for the HRD Summit 2020 was – Harnessing Human Creativity to explore the ways in which organizations can support the natural ingenuity of their people.

It was amazing to see my colleagues representing Hibob on our colorful stand and to watch our smart client, Sophie Ward from Amido, speak about navigating talent management strategy in fast-growing companies. They really made us proud!

On top of that, as Hibob’s People Operations and Business Operations Manager, I was given the opportunity to spend two days immersing myself in the 2 days thought leadership program. I was so inspired that I wanted to share my takeaways with you all…

Our ultimate goal in HR is to build a working environment that enables purpose, freedom, and creativity.

You know the stats: over ⅓ of today’s workforce are of the millennial generation, and we come to work with different expectations to other generations. Now more than ever before, millennials are motivated by purpose and freedom. This is great news because creativity and innovation are the bread and butter of any fast-growing company! 

Creativity is even more critical now many admin tasks are automated

To encourage creativity in the workplace, start by automating admin heavy and monotonous tasks. This will work wonders in every department! From providing a more complete customer experience in CS; to enabling sales teams to send a more personalized outreach; to freeing up more time in HR to focus on people and culture initiatives. By removing the burden of predictable, monotonous work – your employees will have space and time to think,  brainstorm and innovate. 

For creativity to flourish, we need to build a culture of trust

Trust and psychological safety are an essential building block within any innovative workplace. We hired our people because we trusted they could do their job well & impact our organization, right? To build a culture where people are trusted to do the job in a way that works for them, and where failures are embraced, as learning and growth opportunities.

As Alistair Gill, Head of People at Giffgaff said in his keynote speech: the time is NOW to revamp our policies and practices and make creativity, freedom & autonomy a top priority on your HR strategy. A huge thanks to all the brilliant HR thought leaders, academics and professionals, who I met and learned from at HRDSummit 2020. See you next year!

Alyx Gilham

From Alyx Gilham

Alyx is a People and Culture Partner based at Hibob’s UK site, partnering with bobbers across the UK, Netherlands, and Australia. When she’s not people-partnering, she’s probably eating pizza or heading to the theatre!