You may have already met bob, and that’s great! But, have you seen its new update? We’ve hit the refresh button on our HR management platform that sorts the people stuff, creating a more accelerated and user-friendly experience than ever before. Our design-led product embodies four key principles: clarity, efficiency, consistency, and beauty. We’ve shifted entirely to these concepts and taken a new approach to UX and UI, enhancing bob for all of our users. 

Why did we refresh (the already amazing) bob? 

The driving factors behind updating bob were performance, clarity, and consistency. Establishing a singular design format that operated across all pages and features being transformed was the top priority. It’s important to us that bob presents the fastest and most flexible solution it can to all users, therefore, we created a total ground-up infrastructure that supports our client’s company growth at any capacity. 

Shmulik, VP Design at Hibob, explains, “the transformation consisted of changes to both the technical and UX aspects of the platform. Together, Product Design and R&D evolved the bob ecosystem for everyone, reconstructing it as an efficient tool to scale faster.” 

Doron Cyngiser, UI Architect at Hibob, points out, “another drive was to support prospects, clients, and bigger companies while enriching a modern technology. bob was first built four years ago, and the infrastructure just wasn’t sufficing our needs anymore. We had to modernize the platform and get up to speed, literally. Loading and response time is rectified and our design system is now unified, resulting in an even more pleasant experience for our users from the moment they open bob’s homepage.” 

What’s new with the updated bob?

You might notice a few changes on bob’s interface. Users moving back and forth between different features will now experience the same beautiful design layout and frame, accessing the available and newly-familiar elements when needed. You’ll notice a quicker change of on-screen pace, too. 

“We took some time to focus on a universal layout that would enhance overall UX and improve bob’s responsiveness to the system,” adds Shmulik Albo. “Product’s Design’s goal was to help the platform respond more efficiently, giving users a better solution to work with bigger data. One layout that operates across different screens and adapts to any resolution allows users to view and consume their data without delay or interruption.” 

Ultimately, we all need to be able to handle maximum data in a secure, yet simpler way, and with consistent features like these users interact more intuitively with bob.

How did bob achieve its upgrade? 

The technical implementation process didn’t come without its challenges. R&D needed to support the companies already using the platform, putting their experience above all else. Doron says it was a matter of carefully blending the original bob and the updated version together; “Our app is rich, and we had to alter a large piece of it to meet consumers’ needs, so we employed a code-paste method while creating new features and updating the system, as our clients are still using it. If it had been an isolated project, it would have been easier to complete.” 

Another challenge was to maintain bob’s clarity, while migrating to a new design format. The upgrade’s layout was designed as a collage between two separate environments, and Design successfully fused them as one. As Shmulik describes, “the update’s aesthetic hosts an entirely new look, but internally the system still functions the same as the original bob. Basically, users are now experiencing elements of both versions at once.”

Never throw out the old, just for something new. Instead, we embarked on a quest that combined the best pieces of bob’s initial inception with its upgrade, offering a stronger solution that neither could have sustained alone.

How did we ensure the upgrade ran smoothly? 

Planning, testing, and internal alignment were a large part of bob’s upgrade. The challenges faced were not done so individually, as we already stated that R&D and Design worked together to reach one goal. Developers of different specialties explored different areas of the platform to be enhanced and helped one another with their separate tasks in the name of comradery. Why? Because Hibob had a deadline to meet (and a countdown that boosted morale!), which motivated our people to aid one another’s update efforts.

We utilized different QA approaches – such as a bug hunt – where Development, Product, and Design all participated as a united front. Teamwork is a key component of company culture, where colleagues who you consider to be friends come together in pursuit of a milestone, one that involved and excited each department within the company. 

At Hibob, we see great value in providing a system that works for our users, giving them a sense of clarity and movement within the platform they navigate. Now, click through bob and relish in its speed and beauty. At a company that constantly innovates its product, we’re happy to present a new out-of-the-box solution that was fun for us… to do for you. 

Enjoy bob’s upgrade, and we’re still glad you’re here. 

How we hit refresh on bob: Say hi to our speedier, user-friendly platform - 2019-10-17_1512.png

From Karen Sheffer

Karen leads Hibob’s product marketing, connecting the world with what bob has to offer. She lives in Tel Aviv with her husband, two young sons, and a handful of plants she has somehow managed to keep alive.