Long gone are the days when HR was a company’s glorified complaints department. Talent, both attracting and keeping it, are widely viewed as a company’s top priority. That’s the reason that the importance of HR has skyrocketed. And as Chief HR Officer (also sometimes known as CPO, Chief People Officer) of your company, optimizing your people’s workplace experience—keeping them engaged and motivated—is job #1. 

CHRO’s work is never done. Sometimes, getting HR right can be overwhelming. The good news is that there are a few quick things you can do to take your game to the next level. By keeping these five tips top of mind, you’ll inspire your entire company to new levels of happiness, productivity, and success.

Tip 1: Be the people person your culture needs

Too many people feel that their HR departments are disconnected from their daily workplace experiences. A recent survey found that 70% of working men and women believe that HR can do a better job of fostering company culture. This is why you need to possess a high level of empathy and self-awareness. Being emotionally intelligent this way will turn you into a living, breathing example of the culture you’re trying to create: compassionate and transparent. As a result, your people will be much more likely to act upon these organizational values as well.

Tip 2: Develop an HR-forward business strategy

In today’s talent-driven environment, CEOs are increasingly expecting their HR chiefs to play a more active role in influencing business strategy. This is why you need to be able to look at the whole company picture—not just certain aspects of human resources management. Today’s best HR leaders are responsible for the budgeting, recruitment, training, development, welfare, and performance of their entire company. This means you should have a solid business mind, one that can develop, manage, and gauge the efficacy of all your HR programs and policies

Tip 3: Embrace workforce analytics

You should also stay current on the latest trends in HR tech. This means being able to interpret people data and workforce analytics that allows you to measure productivity and KPIs. As CHRO, you should also develop a deep understanding of the key analytics and metrics that your CFO and CEO are utilizing. This is because one of the CHRO’s primary responsibilities is to think and act strategically in accordance with wider organizational goals.

Tip 4: Encourage mentoring

A great CHRO needs to be a strong and effective leader. Chances are that you have several HR specialists working for you. As the most experienced professional, you have a responsibility to patiently communicate your knowledge of all things HR. By paying forward your years of experience you’ll empower your entire HR team to soar professionally. This happy development will motivate your squad to help grow your entire company. Remember: A company culture that embraces learning fosters a sense of purpose while fueling growth, two core components of happy, healthy, and productive people.

Tip 5: Be adaptable

Research shows that there’s a strong connection between an HR manager’s flexibility and people’s overall level of commitment to reaching organizational goals. This is why you simply must be obsessed with industry trends—and quickly adapting your HR strategy to them. Your company is made up of people from four different generations. An effective CHRO always keeps in mind that working people are changing their minds and demands daily as to what they expect from their company’s culture and workplace. In response, you need to be attuned to your people’s psychological needs and desire for a work-life balance.

CHRO—or bust!

As CHRO you play a crucial role in your company’s success. In the short term, keeping these five tips in mind will put you in a much better position to develop, implement, and measure the success of a data-driven HR strategy that’s effectively communicated by your entire HR team to every one of your team members.

Over the long term, putting a premium on getting timely feedback from your company’s CEO and CFO will ensure that HR initiatives both keep your people motivated and your company competitive.

Zoe Haimovitch

From Zoe Haimovitch

Zoe is a passionate manager and leader. Together with her team, she builds our brand story. She loves to connect with people who are passionate about what they do, speak candidly, and are authentic and willing to work together.