What’s the next big HR tech trend? How can you more effectively communicate with your CEO? What’s the best way to recruit and hold on to new people? For the HR pro, good, timely advice can be more precious than gold. The good news is that pretty much any question you may have about the people management space has been answered. The trick is to know where to look.

Bob’s scoured the Internet and consulted with its own team of people management experts to put together this list, the 12 Best HR Blogs of 2018.

1) Human Resources Today: This font of information is one of the blog-o-sphere largest HR-related sites, with over 150,000 subscribers. The site and newsletter deliver the best content for HR professionals from the widest variety of industry thought leaders.

2) Fistful of Talent: Even though this blog was founded by Kris Dunn it includes entries by many other leading thought leaders. Fistful of Talent tends to focus on the topics of recruitment and talent. Readers especially enjoy this blog’s casual, even funny, tone.

3) HR Bartender: This blog covers everything from how to lead a remote team to the best way to navigate office politics. HR Bartender’s special appeal is its refreshing candor, a key reason that this blog’s following is so devoted – and growing.

4) Evil HR Lady: This blog was founded by Suzanne Lucas, whose idea was to create a platform to counter the widely held belief that HR people are… evil. The blog includes a Q&A section that answers many different types of questions submitted by readers.

5) HR Morning: This well-established site gives readers an impressive array of HR-related news, opinion and much more. HR Morning’s basically an online newspaper that weighs in with practical, actionable insights that help HR pros quickly drill down to the potential ramifications of new trends on their organizations.

6) Women of HR: This blog is dedicated to developing and expressing the opinions of women in the people management space. Woman of HR describes itself as a ‘place that HR women can go to get information, discuss the issues that impact their lives, and find that sense of community and collaboration that we were all experiencing at that very moment.’

7) The Chief Happiness Officer: This HR blog is unique in that it deals with one issue above all others: happiness. The Chief Happiness Officer gives practical advice and easy to implement tips for making your organization a happier place to work, for everyone.

8) Workology: Everyone from the summer intern to the CEO can benefit from the insights that this blog provides. Over 100 HR experts have weighed in on everything from how someone can land their first job in HR job to how to prepare your people for a major technological change in the organization.

9) Undercover Recruiter: This is an eye-catching site that covers the issue of recruitment, pretty much from A to Z. How Millennials are changing the way we work and how employers are tapping into Generation Z to boost their brand are just two of many recruitment-related topics that this blog unpacks.

10) Barclay Jones: Another recruitment-focused blog, Barclay Jones manages to fit a lot of content within its colorful confines. Webinars, articles and videos give visitors a lot of good info and sound advice on how to make recruitment more profitable.

11) The SHRM Blog: SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) is the world’s largest HR professional society. The blog is a major source of knowledge for members of the HR community. The SHRM blog includes news and hot HR topics and aims to improve HR practices.

12) Glassdoor Blog: A major recruiting and job site, Glassdoor’s blog is known for its innovative HR-related content. Things like career advice for job seekers, tips for acing an interview and handy how-to guides have made this blog a must read for pretty much everyone operating in the HR space.

Eliezer Cohen

From Eliezer Cohen

Eliezer is the author of this article and a recovering attorney. He is passionate about using technology to address and solve pressing issues and disrupt traditional industries. He currently works in Sales Development at Bob.