Employee retention strategies for the new world of work - Zoe Haimovitch
Zoe Haimovitch
Senior Director of Content Experience
Employee retention strategies for the new world of work - Jonah Goldstein
Jonah Goldstein
Head of Learning

By now, you’ve probably heard what industry experts are calling “The Great Resignation”. During the COVID pandemic employees are leaving their jobs in record numbers during the COVID pandemic in search of better pay, a healthier work-life balance, and a stronger sense of purpose. People are rethinking what they want to get out of their jobs, especially in terms of flexibility and career development. Leadership teams need to understand the importance of employee retention in this new climate, and risk high turnover rates that limit productivity.

What can organizations do to retain top talent and make their workplaces truly inspiring?

Watch our latest webinar on-demand as Zoe Haimovitch, Senior Director of Content Experience at Hibob and Jonah Goldstein, Head of Learning at 360Learning shared tips on: 

  • Which types of companies are more at risk for employee turnover
  • The top reasons employees are quitting their jobs
  • What employees expect in terms of remote and hybrid work
  • How to use a culture of continuous learning to engage employees
  • Tips for using Collaborative Learning to strengthen employee retention

Watch the webinar


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