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Surfboard is a workforce management platform dedicated to customer support teams. Our platform generates forecasts, schedules and team insights by integrating with ticketing, telephony, HRIS, calendars and internal messaging systems.

Surfboard is a workforce management system designed specifically for customer service teams to enable them to respond to their customers quickly, guarantee a high CSAT and reduce their cost to serve.

Simpler: Surfboard is intuitive and easy to use, designed to be accessible by any user – not just workforce management “pros”
Smarter: Surfboard automatically generates optimal schedules based on forecasts and insights to ensure customer support teams are guaranteed to meet their service level targets.
Fairer: Surfboard goes beyond just scheduling “bums on seats” making sure the distribution of work is fair to avoid burnout and attrition.

Key Features:

  • Staffing forecasting based on demand insights from integrated platforms
  • Aggregated time-on-task team performance insights to help identify bottlenecks in daily operations and training gaps
  • Shift plans enabling management of multiple teams across time zones and adjustment of seasonal work patterns efficiently
  • Real-time task and shift notifications in Slack and synced calendars
  • Activity planning that can help you distribute tasks fairly across shifts and employees based on activity demand insights pulled from integrated platforms

Surfboard pulls time off from HiBob to avoid duplication of work in workforce management software. Through this seamless integration, customer service agents time off is reflected in their schedule, enabling managers to visualise their shrinkage and ensure they have the right number of people online to serve their customers.

How the integration works:

Integrating HiBob with Surfboard involves simply pasting the HiBob iCal link into Surfboard. Surfboard pulls in real-time leave information directly into our customer’s scheduling interface, while also updating their HR database seamlessly based on leave approvals. It streamlines staff forecasting and capacity planning, ensuring daily scheduling is more efficient and accurate.


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