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SuperPath is a powerful modern learning platform that helps companies to upskill and grow their employees faster through learning pathways and career roadmaps.

SuperPath is the “Canva for learning” making it easy to design, build and automate learning pathways and career roadmaps for your teams. SuperPath empowers you to track every learning moment across your organisation. From a simple micro-learning to a full career pathway, SuperPath makes it simple to build, track, manage and automate learning and career development.

Key features:

  • Simple yet powerful learning pathway builder
  • Career roadmaps
  • Track Learning events (conferences, coaching sessions, internal training, mentoring etc)
  • Certification and CPD tracking
  • Gamification and badges to make learning enjoyable
  • We are content agnostic. We support any form of content be it online, files, SCORM etc
  • Analytics and reporting

Keep your employee data in sync with the Bob Integration and ensure Bob remains your source of truth.

Automatically invite new employees to SuperPath and keep users information in sync including teams, direct reports and employment status. Push completed learnings to the Bob employee training record to centralise your employee reporting.

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