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Stryve is a revolutionary cloud-based Talent Management System designed to save time, increase engagement and take care of compliance, helping you to find, nurture and hire the talent your business needs to succeed.

Assess and hire talent faster than ever before. Hiring doesn’t need to be complicated. Using Stryve, we help you to simplify hiring by sourcing candidates, automating actions and pulling all the hiring data and processes into one neat, beautiful system. Welcome to a more human way to hire.

Key features:

  • ATS
  • Automated hiring flows
  • Email & calendar sync​
  • AI CV parsing technology​
  • Advanced reporting​ suite
  • Talent pool database
  • Advanced careers page integration
  • Job board integrations
  • Stryve Source
  • Smart calendar scheduling
  • CV redaction for diverse hiring
  • Stryve Score

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